Companion wallet Claire turquoise

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Companion wallet Claire turquoise in Recycled Cotton


Companion wallet made from recycled cotton. Foisted cotton and dyed. Rhinestones from old saris.

Slots for credit cards, banknotes and coins

Dimensions 22 cm X 13 cm

Manufacturing with a small workshop of artisans in the area of Delhi 


Old Vintage Indian sarees get a chance of another life, as a gorgeous, colorful bag !

Our Person collects the most beautiful sarees from all over Delhi. They do that by means of a very old barter-system: Indian women trade their sarees for kitchen utensils like pots and pans. Our factory then cuts the most beautiful embroidered pieces from the sarees and they are then stitched on another recycled fabric, which gives a second life to old worn garments which are shredded in to fibers & then this fibers are re spun as yarn & woven into fabrics. After the cut embroidered pieces are stitched on the fabric & made into bags

They are then hand dip dyed using old Indian dyeing techniques to be converted into the gorgeous completely re cycled colorful bag


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