Sac de plage en voile de bateau

The wind blows on your sailing accessories. You will be able to have your own, and to customize it  according to your wishes

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Beach bag in new or recycled sail canvas
Zipper closure on the top.
Small zipped inside pocket.
Bottom in awning*
*Awning: A canvas envelope worn on mistletoe to protect them from the rain`
Dimensions (bottom of the bag) 43cm X 20 cm, Height: 38cm.
Perfect for the beach or for the weekend.

Customization: Each piece is unique and customizable by the choice of material and number.

Number: Selected figures may refer to a birth date, birthday, department, number of kids, fetish number ...
Available numbers : 


Recycled sail: Sail having sailed with risks of  spots and a color yellowed by the time, the material is more flexible.
New sail: white appearance, better sealing, the material more rigid.
The product is delivered to you within 6 days, if the personalization is not in stock


Once your order has been validated you will have to add a comment for your personalization choices:
The choice of the material: New sail or Recycled sail
A number from 0 to 99


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