Les Femmes sont des héros (Women are heroes)

I just come back from theatre where I was with one  my best friends Fabienne. I knew Fabienne in Democratic Republic of Congo. Fabienne was working for Action Against Hunger and I for International Committee of the Red Cross

We went out from this movie completely affected and silent. We saw a pure moment of humanity. We did not know before the project of JR, the artist who created  Women Are Heroes. Rarely did I see so much respect for these women, in this movie it is shown with humanity and dignity.I strongly advise you to see this movie which give a big hope for future

I give a special glance to :

– “little Mimi” from Democratic Republic of Congo, who got a stray bullet on one his leg and due to the tenacity of her widowed mum she was feeling better and better.

– all these Indian women young and less young who were forced to get married and especially to this young girl  , 22 years old, I met last October in the association Parrainages Inde who did not get married with a man of 45 years old but left home to marry with the young boy friend she loved.

 Thanks again to JR to have captured the pecision of feelings of all these women.


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