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One of MarronRouge’s main projects is the encounter with WELLPAPER. We will be together at the Ethical Fashion Show from September 25 to September 28, 2010 in Paris

Women’s Empowerment through Local Livelihood, a.k.a the WELL project as it is more commonly known, began in 2005. The projects’ main goals are to create an alternative livelihood for the women from the villages around Auroville, and to promote products made of recycled materials.

Danny and Orly are the guiding force behind this project. They are from Israel and arrived in Auroville in 2004. Orly had her own studio in Israel, where she worked with papier mache and other recycling techniques. She also dedicated her time to giving lessons to mentally-challenged people, and troubled teenagers. Danny is a certified public accountant. They have successfully combined her experience in recycling techniques and social work, and his skills in business strategy to set up and run the WELL project.

The WELL Centre offers technical training to the women. For a period of four to six months, a group of eight to ten women learn to create products using recycled materials, mainly newspaper, as raw material. They are taught, amongst other things, to roll newspaper into reeds, which they then weave into baskets. As well as baskets, WELL’s current product range includes coasters, jewelry and accessories such as earrings and hair clips. In addition to the technical training, the WELL project also provides a social empowerment program. The women are offered training in company development, health and hygiene awareness and family care, as well as physical activity classes. The program also includes personal development coaching, group strengthening, and improvement of communication skills. After the training is completed, the women are assisted by WELL in setting up their own profit, in  sharing production workshop and in marketing their products. They also continue to benefit from the social program.

The initial two groups, after having completed their training, opened their own production workshops in the village of Allankuppam. Both workshops are running well and their products are now being sold in different stores across India, as well as exported to countries such as Germany, Thailand, New Zealand, Ireland, and in France with Marron Rouge. The Sri Mother workshop produces woven baskets of different sizes, shapes and colors, while the Mira workshop focuses on producing coasters, jewelry and accessories. The Sri Mother workshop has been one of the most successful groups in their product sales and professionalism. In order to keep up with the orders they receive, the team is now employing eight additional women to assist them with production. The Mira workshop is also now employing four additional women, whom they are training themselves.

Though promoting recycled products is an important part of the WELL project, that is not where it ends. The WELL project, besides providing alternate livelihoods, encourages the women to empower themselves : their increased skills, self-confidence and pride is perfect evidence of that. But for most of the women, it is the pure joy of coming to work everyday, to talk, laugh and sing together while they work, that motivates them to continue as a group through life’s challenges and changes.

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  1. coulon says:


    i m coming back from puducherry and i bought your bracelet at casablanca and nobody explain to me the origin of this creation and your social project . all my friends in france are mad of this bracelet but i could n’t explain nothing about it. today i was looking for explication on web and i understand that i would have like to enconter these women in auroville but now i am in france it s too late.
    congratulations for your creativity and originality and local devellopment in puducherry.i will follow your work from my town in toulouse south of france, and talk about you .
    good luck for your showroom in paris!

  2. Jean-Marc says:


    Many thanks for your comments. You live also in wonderfull city.
    Merci pour vos commentaires. Vous habitez aussi une très jolie ville


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