Did you say Recycled…?

We discover a book who make very pleased to read and to see . The title of this book is (in French) :


The publisher La Plage, have authorized us to speak about this book we like much. We tanslate the extract of the description of this book and invite you to see the following on the publisher site (It is all in French, ask them if they have an English publishing).

This book is sold ont the web site of  achat nature

To design items from tube, candy paper, old fabrics

Did you know that plastics bags worked with iron are transformed in synthetic fabrics with many usages?

Bike tube goes easily with sewing machine

Do not throw away old pull over or candy paper, you could have a second life for them and transform them in design accessories. Step by step, discover in this book the secrets of a tem of Eco Designers, their advices on fabrics and their know how simple but rigorous…

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  1. lépicier says:

    Superbe photo, supers produits 🙂

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