You said Rebecca?

February 28th at 16h10 : here is the message I received in my Facebook mailbox “on my blog (http://rebekbek.typepad,com), every Friday I publish the interview of someone who make progress for the take into account of stake of sustainable development. I wish, if you accept submit to you 11 questions. If want to go for it here is my e-mail address…

First thing I navigated on the blog’s pages : I drag through, I read the  Friday interviews, one article about ethical Fashion, movies’ reviews and during my reading I feel this humanity which show through, this fine intelligence and this human being lover and I think with no hesitation I will go for it. I will not only accept the Rebecca’s invitation but also ask her to “work” a little and to introduce herself because I decided to welcome this nice person as Rebecca is.

So here she is, and I let her speak “ I just got into sustainable development in the beginning of 21 century… It comes from my studies I discovered the issues linked tour ways of life, not adapted to the impermanence of Earth resources. However, I admit that it is not the ecologic dimension which questioned me. For me, it the human dimension who is in center. To consume here without limits, while it costs the life to others!

I have huge chance to work on topics for which I have concerns : I manage sustainable public politics into inter cities in High Normandy (France). Daily I try to propose to elected people and put in place some concrete actions in order to improve the sustainable high quality of the community. I also work on cooperation decentralized. This job gives me passion.

In parallel, I created my blog in September 2010. It is a “leisure”, a small piece of life on top that I feed when I have time to give “available brain” This virtual space, I wish it for exchange. The blog is very young, and I hope it bigger> I do everything to “educate” it as the best way as possible. This blog is a place to talk about sustainable development often, but also other topics : music, readings,…

My “ little addition of sustainable life”, I find it also in being radio chronicler. Every Tuesday morning, my sustainable chronicle is broadcasted on radio from Rouen (France) HDR (, chronicles we could listen again on my blog obviously. I try to make live sustainable development on air in talking about some serious topics (Tchad lake, Probo Koala, Schiste Gaz…), sometimes some lighter subjects (reverse graf, ethical fashion show, green people awards…)> Finally with sustainable development I got pleasure while I transmit ethic values. Why to ask more?

I know in my true life I am not necessarily an example… On my blog I dared to give my ecologic imprint….the result is not very cheering…I buy my clothes essentially with the big brands, ethical fashion is only an occasion. I smoothly move to The Minus. To target quality, than quantity. I have still a lot of work

I wish that Ethic become popular daily. To do that, the market should move. Today I can full my caddy of shopping with organic and fair trade. When ethic shop signs multi band will see the light, my dressing will be more virtuous…

My dreams? I would like that big Medias open their mind really to sustainable development. I have some ideas about it, but as I am not introduced to them, this project is a sweet dream. In my life, I want to be able to continue to have coherency between my private life and professional life, a little bit every day, it is already a big construction site, no?”

Here it is, you can see a little bit more who is Rebecca. I find her approach so ggod that I invited to prepare the next note for Thursday of Ethical Fashion for March 24, 2011. We will meet again Rebecca next Thursday as a writer of the Thursday of Ethical Fashion.

Thanks a lot Rebecca for the interview published today on your blog (in French)

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Ce me fait drôle de me lire… Merci Jean-Marc et en effet, on se retrouve pour le jeudi de la mode!!

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