VERTISSIMMO : you will be able to speak about eco-building without headache

It’s been a while I wanted to talk about VERTISSIMMO and I use excuse because they will offer a new service which I find pretty good, especially when we know the philosophy VERTISSIMMO. (In French)



VERTISSIMMO is a permanent virtual exhibition deals with the healthy and sustainable habitat. It shows you the best products & industry professionals and brings you all the information you need to make informed choices. I discovered  them at birth Vertissimmo site late 2010 through my membership in the group of Eco-informants.


For those who know me a little, ecology and the environment are increasingly part of my life choices and Vertissimmo published on his blog a number of articles very interesting and educational. I was not a “hard” of ecology in the home, and due to the readings of posts made by Abi, the creator of VERTISSIMMO, which allows us to share stuff on the construction, renovation, DIY, insulation, decoration … .. and, in a simple learning fun and often without any “guilt”, today I became a fan!


After the “back to school”and from September 20 discover a whole new section entitled: Advice from Ronan, an expert in eco-materials



But who is this Madame Zazu* on eco-materials?


Ronan Cassin is a store manager at Matériaux Verts à Angers (France). Due to his background  and the expertise of all its employees, Ronan will enlighten you on a solution that you would not have thought of and that is not necessarily more expensive.

Ronan Cassin - au centre de la photo - in the center of the picture


It is clear that today the big names in Retail you extol the virtues of a particular product which is often nothing green by affixing a green logo (not a label!).


This topic and the help of Ronan will help you in your choices if you want to opt for solutions that respect the environment and respectful of your well-being.

Themes that could possibly be part of this section:

– I want to transform the floor of my kitchen with waxed/polished concrete, and what are the green alternatives for this transformation?

– What a boiler installed in my apartment?

– The cost of work is it necessarily more expensive …? – … ..


For more information (in French) : La rubrique de Ronan sur vertissimmo


* Madame Zazu is the name  that Tex Avery gave to Droopy  playing a role of  Fortune teller


5 commentaires sur “VERTISSIMMO : you will be able to speak about eco-building without headache”

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  2. Abi says:

    Marron Rouge a son stand virtuel sur vertissimmo 😀—decoration-ethique-ile-de-france-decoration-interieure_p_96_region_13_hall_6_exposant_35.html

    Merci Jean-Marc pour ce billet , this means to me 😉

  3. Jean-Marc says:

    Abi, je suis vraiment content de faire partager mon enthousiasme à “mes lecteurs” et je suis sûr que ceux qui connaissent pas encore tes rubriques vont devenir très vite adeptes.

  4. […] appel à Ronan Cassin des Magasins Vets d’Angers , via VERTISSIMMO. Vous vous souvenez sur le billet que j’avais fait sur la nouvelle rubrique de Vertissimmo,. Notre chère Abi a trouvé la Madame Soleil de l’éco construction en la personne de Ronan […]

  5. David says:

    Je suis tout à fait d’accord avec cet article. En tant que professionnel de l’eco construction (je travaille à ) , j’ai souvent assisté à des salons, mais finalement rien ne vaut les salons virtuels, car on n’a même plus à se déplacer d’où le gain de temps et les économies d’énergie !

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