Upcycling Day : march 5, 2014 everybody to Cergy Pontoise-France

March 5, 2014, students from the campus of the University of Cergy Pontoise (France) decided to dedicate a day to to honor the Upcycling and more generally called the Circular Economy , in creating UPCYCLING DAY

 Before getting into the thick of things trying to see more clearly the terms “barbarians”


The attached video published by the Ellen Mc Arthur Foundation explains what is called the Circular Economy






 We invite you to read a definition of Upcycling published in Wikipedia 

 Returning to this day of March 5, 2014 :

 Upcycling Day is a special day that allows everyone to immerse themselves in the world of circular economy and upcycling , through educational and practical workshops and conferences bringing together the best experts and most iconic actors .


The objectives set by the students are:

  • Awareness of the use of a new resource: the waste.
  • Promote the practice of upcycling for individuals and in organizations.
  • Provide a friendly and positive attitude participatory, sustainable development.
  • Mobilize students around new environmental practices.
  • Unite students, associations, businesses and the general public in a common and responsible action.

 The program of the day

 Recognized experts held accessible to all conferences, helping to understand the major environmental issues

Unpublished animations and friendly stands to immerse themselves in the world of recycling

 About animations, I was asked to participate as Marron Rouge and I have not accepted immediately (November 2013) , because I wanted to have the program and the course of the day that was sent to me in January 2014 and there I said YES .

 That’s what I have proposed for this day : I lead a workshop during the day. During the day students will have collected plastic bottles to be entrusted to the workshop. With all these plastic bottles we will create an object that remains on the university after this day. The ideas will of course object to define (non exhaustive list): a light , a seat , a sculpture …

  To do this I asked a colleague designer, Gregory Hoogstoel to join me on this workshop .

 We will agree with Gregory to think 3-4 objects we could create during this day. The morning of March 5, 2014 and will choosse one or two items at the end of the day that students will pick from our selection.

 Upstream of the day, the project manager for the University will launch the ” password” in the campus so that the maximum plastic bottles  will be collected . We hope that these plastic bottles are of the same brand so that we make a rather creative design. Of course since we have limited time, we also requested that plastic bottles are washed of every label.


We therefore expect many on this great event and feel free to come and share.


Date March 5, 2014.

Place  : Universy of Cergy-Pontoise, site des Chênes – Accessible by  RER (train) à 30 mn from Paris

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    intéressant… belle journée!

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