A big thank to Quat’Rues

As you know the last weekend I was in SAINT-Etienne on the show TATOU JUSTE  the show to Eat, to Live, To Move  Around, To Grow Up, To Learn, To Work otherwise.


I live in the city center of Lyon and the Parc des Expositions of Saint Etienne is very close to the station then, on Friday evening I decided to leave my car in Saint Etienne and make all journeys between Lyon and Saint Etienne by train.


Everything goes well until Sunday morning and I point the tip of my nose at the station of Part Dieu  and bang what that allowed me to arrive on time for the opening of the exhibition , the train is suppressed! I’ll see at the counter and the employee tells me that this is a strike between Lyon and Stephen Sain. I would have been not warned?


I try to put my brain in place (Sunday morning) and I think that my next door neighbour is one of the characters that I had cooked for Thursday ethical fashion in the person of Harold from Quat’Rues! Call and immediately we find ourselves in Lyon that he gets me and took me to the exhibition. Not only is this spirit of solidarity has made me a great service but he also traveled by car in a friend that I had met that morning at the station and filed in Saint-Etienne.



The commitment is not only the messages of their T-Shirts


Thanks Harold!

Thanks Quat’Rues!


3 commentaires sur “A big thank to Quat’Rues”

  1. Urus says:

    Il est bien ce gars Harold ! La crème des crèmes ! Je me le dis chaque jour 😉

  2. Le chauffeur says:

    Merci pour ton merci! je sais pas si ça méritait autant, le café était déjà bien bon 😉
    Mais attention la prochaine fois je fais payer le trajet…” t’y a compris le coup?… après j’t’explique!”

  3. Jean-Marc says:

    Harold, j’ai bien compris le coup!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bY3e9YzWKY Merci Harold!

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