You can sit on my seatbelts

“Hello, I came to see what you do with seat belts because we had spotted and wanted to see the result in real” said a young woman on the show Maison & Objet in September 2011.


“We also create decorative objects made from seat belts and would like to show you our work.”


I try to slip away from my booth and I will see their work presented as they are winners of a competition “Young Artists” of Ateliers d’Art de France.

But who are they?



Anne-Lise Bouchet-Amlil and Alice Mace met 10 years ago and quickly realized that they had to do something with all these things abandoned, discarded, forgotten. But that does not stop there because we do not yet know their creative energy. They definethemselves as two children of sustainable development. Both young women are based inAngersand they use local artisans to make their creations.


In any case they do not leave me icy, because they use substances or materials from recycled and you know my taste for recycling and diversion (of materials, I said …)


I love the stool and bench with the feet so centipede topped with seat belts.


Ladies, Hat for your creativity!


Anne-Lise Amlil-Bouchet et Alice Macé

Demain Design

18, rue du Port de l’Ancre

49000 Angers


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