Findings and reflections on the Ethical Fashion Show 2011

On the last edition of the Ethical Fashion Show, we have made great discoveries, human first. All these motivated people who are there whose primary concern is human, and they are more creative and more they defend the know-how (no matter where it comes from) and in addition they think of our planet . I can not list them all but here’s a selection of things I like, I would call the findings Featured.


To start the two friendly Gonzague de Borde et Aymeric Bellamy-Brown who are leading  Les Soieries du Mekong. We had met once on the Green Ethic Bazaar where we presented our product lines


Les Soieries du  Mekong were infatuated with a dual mission:

• In France they offer scarves and accessories of high quality silk for men and women and of course all that ethically

• In Cambodia through training and accompaniment they try to fight against the rural exodus and thus maintain a knowledge of traditional weaving


Then I’ll talk about accessories that I find very poetic: it is the bags of the brand ZAZAZOU. I have not had the opportunity to meet the two designers of ZAZAZOU, but I like their approach and creativity


Then to complete this first selection designer Valerie PACHE who makes clothes recycled with the paintings of paragliding. You would imagine that this wedding gown is made in a recycled material.

In addition to this series does not spoil, Valerie is what I call a “good person” smiling, sharing, funny and talented!
There was also lessons of crochet with plastic bags with ADAMA


Lionel & crochet

Beyond the glitter that can represent the event the motivation of our interest are set jumble below:

• To show our creations for fashion professionals and the public

• Meet people who share our human values

​​• Have a return all of these creations.

• Make most popular image of luxury fashion

• Show that there are alternatives, environmentally friendly, pretty and not necessarily more expensive.

Have good fun!!!


After the Ethical Fashion Show you find yourself having sweet dreams: town centers that are not all modeled on the same model. Today we go to Paris, Tours, Angers, Blois, Nancy, Lyon, London, Milan, Barcelona … we’re not really out of place in any case, commercially speaking. The same signs, the same items, the salesman(woman) on the same model: Let’s go buy there.

Pious dream of seeing all these cities are re-transformed into a beautiful identity? Lyon is a city UNESCO World Heritage Well it would be really great if UNESCO took into account environmental criteria in the broad sense to keep this “label”

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