All the light on Lampes de Sologne

When I went a bit on the web I “stumbled” one day on a photo lamp I ‘ve already saw on Facebook and I immediately liked: design lampshades, foot wooden lamp in perfect harmony with lampshade and especially the end result is just beautiful.

I wanted to know more and I approached the designer of her lamps and this is what she tells us

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your territory Sologne?

Jean-Marc thank you for this interview! I’m Christine Salmon, married 40 years, 3 beautiful children … A life full ultra, devouring passions & Lampes de Sologne today! I am originally from Aquitaine and installed in Sologne Nançay for over 15 years.

Sologne is my adopted home, a forest region located in the central region between the Loire and the Cher. Mysterious legends rocked the Sologne area is rich and diverse. Forests, ponds, marshes, moors compose, oaks and pines are everywhere, the fog prompted sometimes. Sologne is a magical place where nature, culture & traditions mingle discreetly, to unwind and recharge! This place has been a revelation for me.

MR: Why Lampes de Sologne?

It is primarily a love story with the timber. The wood is present all around me & this since my childhood and even more since I’ve been with my husband who is carpenter and frame specialist as a carpenter  companion of duty. Timbering, exposed beams, windows, furniture, lighting, wood is a hyphen decorative natural, raw, reassuring evident between the house and the forest that surrounds me.

It is then a passion for interior design that I care, think, polishes soon as my time permits. I enjoy my designs & classic kinds. I love to hunt in fleas markets, I tinker, I assemble, I associate local handicrafts to create unique worlds. Sologne is my playground, I like to highlight its mystery and grandeur in my creations. Lampes de Sologne are somehow the cornerstones of what I reported my walks in the woods in my bundle inspirations.


MR: How & with what are they made?

I manufacture my lamps by hand in my workshop. The lamp bases are cut from old oak beams. I spent several days looking for the perfect piece of wood from beams, trusses or antique trunks in the forest. I love working on unique designs that offer aesthetically pleasing natural detail. I play with the grain of the wood, its ribs, its nodes, its cracks, texture …

MR: Do you make your feet lamps and lampshades?

I make the feet of lights and draw the blinds. Even if I happen to make some shade, I make most models by a local designer lampshades, recognized for the quality of its fabrics and expertise. It uses some high-end fabrics, natural linens, embroidered some models to the delight of some clients and is always looking for unique designs & surprising.

MR: What templates lamps do you make?

All templates are imagined. Today I present my catalog in small and large models: lamps, lamps & floor lamps lounge. Their size varies between about 40cm and 1 meter 50.

MR: Where can I find Lampes de Sologne?

Currently on the site . My workshop in Nançay (18) will soon be available as a showcase & can therefore accommodate my clients a few weeks. I am also looking for partners who would like to present my lamps Paris & Orleans, I want to call 😉

MR: If you were to give us 3 good reasons to rob the shop lights Sologne, what would they be?

In addition to helping heart that must lead you to contact me to book the model you like, there are actually other reasons that should encourage you to splurge on a lamp Sologne. You ask me three good reasons, they are:

1. + The Artisanal (all models are unique!)

2. + The French manufacturing (lamps are manufactured entirely in Sologne)

3. + The environment (recycling of wood, with little or no transportation, treatment with beeswax …)

I can not help but add a fourth!

4. My lamps are made with the utmost care and have done so far and customers happy!

         Do not hesitate to contact Christine she can even make custom lamps

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