Let’s draw … .. a forest during school holidays

Since 1 October 2011, until December 31, 2011 Rhône en Vertt started a game of “My Online drawing” for the International Year of the Forest.


The school holidays come to be conducive to ballads …. in the woods for this beginning of  autumn. Why not educate your children to explain the importance of the forest and the harmful effects of deforestation.

Grand Jeu mon Dessin en ligne
Deforestation is the action phase of forest elimination  areas on our planet. This elimination is caused by cutting trees and clearing land. These lands are then used to:


  • Expansion of agricultural areas
  • Urbanization
  • Mining
  • Soil The abuse of some lumber for a variety of: furniture, firewood, cosmetics…


Deforestation has affected a large part of Europe from the Middle Ages until the early 20th century. Areas affected by deforestation today concern the tropical forests of Asia, Africa and South America.



The principle and the rules of the game: •

  • Be aged 3 to 12 years
  • Draw a picture whose theme will be the Forest
  • Scan the drawing of your child and send it via this form online
  • For lovers of real mail using Post Office and send the drawing to Rhône en vert – 13A chemin des Molières 69700 Givors, France. Do not forget to send your details including your e-mail in order to be contacted.


I invite you to read (or reread) the interview (in French) with Sandrine Jacoulot, the head of Rhône en Vert, made by Laurence Moulin from ABONEOBIO


Marron Rouge and others have joined this game to reward the best drawings.

– 10 games Bioviva Editions,

– 10 teaching kits FRAPNA « La Forêt m’a dit »

– 5 organic stuffed toys Marron Rouge

– 2 t-shirts et 1 cap Quat’rues

– 50 copies of the magazine « La Petite Salamandre »

The list of winners will be published on 1 February, 2012


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