Shamengo : the 1000 pioneers for tomorrow

A new project is going to emerge, it is project I am particularly proud to present. During the Ethical Fashion Show, I met Catherine Berthiller who was a reporter for France 2, present the launch of Shamengo.  I spent some time with Catherine and later we called and this approach, sincerity and that smile makes me believe in nice project.

Shamengo a program of “international cross media” Catherine and her team will give a voice to all those want to participate in a better world: take care of itself, create in ethics, protect the planet and also commit with others.


Sounds good to you , feel free to join this network to explain and promote your initiatives and commitments.


A project of Catherine is to profile the 1000 pioneers of the new world. And for the launch of Shamengo a beautiful operation “CLEAN TAG in Paris”.  Subscribe.

I am furious, I am already engaged with an important thing (to me)  and I can not participate in this operation



Sign up for the night of CleanTag and participate in a major operation in the streets of Paris during the night from October 19 to 20th, 2011. Your mission? Help the community to achieve Shamengo 10 000 tags for the launch of Eco

To subscribe, it is here





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