Curtain !

Domaine des Ormeaux, Ajat (24), France

We would like to share one of our achievements. Even if we don’t have yet our workshop to manufacture home linen, we have started to work  with some craftsmen to do some home linen (the same who does currently the Cotton/Silk bags)

Lodging “Domaine des Ormeaux” have recently open and if you are lucky to sleep there for two nights or more you will see the nice curtains and bed mats we did for them.

The domain is made of 2 row houses and 2 independent flats, a heated swimming pool, a spa, a big room.

Please do not hesitate to contact them on our behalf

Rideaux - Curtains

Chemin de Lit - Bed Mat

Rideau - Curtain

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  1. […] l’ouverture de Marron Rouge, ils nous avaient contactés pour que nous leur confectionnions les rideaux et les chemins de lit des chambres de leurs gîtes. Nous avions donc fabriqués pour eux ces éléments en coton/soie, via notre […]

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