Restaurant Le Jaboulay in Lyon (France)

A nice welcome to Jean-Michel, who was in the beginning of Marron Rouge, but he decided to pursue his project. Go to see him in his restaurant, He is not only nice and kind, but the food is really good.
Restaurant Bar Porte Pot
The singularity of this place is to introduce someone who have a cook know how or a family cook heritage , to make public his talent(s) and recipes and to be the “chef” of one day for the usual customers. The project of a participatory restaurant gives to this rich culture, the possibility to develop and rediscover the culinary heritage and its traditions. The meeting with stakeholders and customers will be then an exchange which will permit to be either a Chef or a Guest. A (cook) library will be available for everyone: anyone could borrow for one week a book or to propose his recipes forgotten.

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