Resolutions for 2012, is it complicated?

As we specified for our wishes for 2012 we hope the coming year

More recycled
More caring
More human
More optimistic

Why wait until January 1st to make resolutions, because it is customary and ancestral custom.

Our planet is suffering a little more every day of disasters, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, tsuanmis …. because we do not take care of Her and not care for us either.

Is it complicated to sort our garbage?
No, in addition on the country side can make compost


Is it difficult not to let the water run while washing dishes or for a shower?
The answer is super easy and the more you’ll save the less you will pay


Is it difficult not to let our appliances on standby?
No it’s just a natural thing that will save you in, and that will make you consume less power and create less waste atomic!


Is difficult not to take his car always?
There is public transportation, bicycles, walking


Is it difficult to change its mindset to say that recycling is a good thing?
It is not. On top in some countries of Africa, Asia or South America, recycling is anchored in everyday life and everything is recycled.


Is it complicated to be a little more attentive to others?
We do not live in a world of TV reality, or is guided by the marketing and human stupidity. You just talk with people, I did not say send an email  or a mail but just TALK, and the number of issues personal , professional, political, or family that resolved through discussions


Is it difficult to help people in trouble?
At Marron Rouge we try to do as far as we can, with the type of business we have chosen. Even a simple smile could help people


Is it difficult to see things in a more optimistic without being next to the plate?
Example: at the end end of year one plane left the runway at Roissy and went crashing off the tracks, no injuries, no deaths. It is good no? And although the images we were shown what are the passengers screaming to the employees at  the desk of the company, because they had waited a long time! They could have died and many are not and face increasingly journalist films the people shout: is there something I missed?


Take the time to live a little better, but do not rely ONLY on others to do so, each individual is the proper agent of change as requested and as needed.


With our friends of Green team, here are the pots they wrote about resolutions for 2012 :


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  3. Michèle says:

    C’est comique Jean-Marc, j’ai pensé la même chose que toi par rapport à la sorte de piste de l’avion. Après avoir entendu la nouvelle, j’ai cru qu’on allait nous montrer des personnes soulagées, peut-être choquées par l’effet de trouille, mais au moins heureuses d’être tout simplement en vie !
    Sans doute que le bonheur apporte moins de bons chiffres pour l’Audimat ??

  4. Gus says:

    Merci pour cet article JM.

    Oui, PARLER, simplement. Mais déjà se voir, c’est pas si mal. Avec la profusion actuelle de moyens virtuels pour rester en contact, FB, Twitter, G+, emails, textos, j’ai furieusement l’impression que l’on se voit moins, car on est toujours en contact. Mais un faux contact, virtuel, factice, inhumain.

    A quand une société IRL (in real life)? Une belle résolution pour 2012, se voir et PARLER.

    Merci à toi pour cette proposition.

  5. Abi says:

    Je crois que c’est notre côté français râleur qui ressort dans ton exemple. Dans d’autres pays j’imagine qu’on aurait vu plus de soulagement et de remerciements y compris pour le pilote qui aura tout de même évité le pire ! C’est fou ce qu’on peut être négatifs, je n’avais pas vu les images et à te lire je suis bien contente de ne pas regarder la télé !

  6. Jean-Marc says:

    @Abi, moi non plus je ne regarde pas la télé et j’en suis ravi! c’est en passant chez des amis que j’ai entendu ça et ça m’a profondément choqué
    @Gus tu as raison de rajouter qu’il faut se voir aussi, important
    @Michèle Vit-on dans un monde ou l’on est trop gâté??

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