Biolap residency at Marron Rouge

Following the announcement we made in early January 2016, we were in direct contact with BIOLAP we met first in 2011 on the last edition of Planète Durable tradeshow, in Paris . We share the same values ​​in terms of Design, Environment protection and Human.

We met early February 2016 with Fabienne Le Hénaff and Jean-Michel Duivon,


Fabienne LE HENAFF


Jean-Michel Duivon


the two founders of BIOLAP, who came with the question: “What can we do to help? “.

Very touched by this attention

Throughout the discussion, they offered their stock of existing products that they stop marketing, to devote temself entirely to the development of their consulting activities concerning the circular economy, the “Made in France” , Eco-innovation …
So we reached an agreement that I integrate their products within the logistics platform and the Marron Rouge site.
Today these products are sold on the site Marron Rouge at a promotional price.
You will appreciate the sleek design of BIOLAP Products: classy and simply beautiful for bags, protective covers.

Eco-design using natural materials such as linen and / or recycled materials.
These great accessories are sold at unbeatable prices



BME vegetal_range_biolap






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