Rachel and Joseph

With our friends of green team from Eco Informants, this month we honour humour. We all deal with serious topics. Is it for that reason that we cannot get fantasy? Only for decompress, I say yes with no hesitation. And this humour which is anchored came from two loved ones.

Here is in a city of Algeria in 1953 (it does not rejuvenate us, my dear). Rachel encounters Joseph or the contrary. The get married and had 6 (plenty) kids. From this marriage, some years later, is born a Jean-Marc who spend most of his life laughing. Can we laugh about everything? Not sure… Nor really want to laugh about Japan or Libya or humanitarian catastrophes. Not either on some electoral results. On this subject I found very funny this humoristic sentence of Pierre Col who published on Facebook “Pierre Col decided to fight symbolically against F.N. (Right extremist) in preparing for the meal couscous and merguez” mockery as I like>

I take care about Marron Rouge with pleasure and if can do it with good sense of humour… It is not because I support social projects that I have to bring all the misery of the world on my shoulders.


Rachel & Joseph have learned me at least : solidarity yes, but laugh also!

One of the prettiest story it is when I arrived for my humanitarian mission in Democratic Republic of Congo. I was in the south, in the second city of the country: Lubumbashi. I was taking care among others tasks of accounting. The accountant (we will call him G.) who was reporting to me was a big  imposed man who look like Yogi bear. One of the scouring tasks every month was to take out from for folders all officials documents and put all these document with removable rings to be shipped. The first month  I gave 8 folders to G.  and it tooks to him all the morning. I did not say anything in trying to thing about next month. Then, the following month we got about ten folders and I said to G., here is the deal I take 5 and you got 5 folders. I do the process from folders to removable rings in 10 minutes and I went to see him in his office in saying him : I have finished. The he looked at me with amazing stare with a big Congolese accent : “But Sir you are magician” And then needless to sya you I went to my office to laugh during 10 minutes

Also in Congo, I have a meeting with the governor of Katanga, imminent personality from province and I am the waiting room under a very hot temperature. After a while the executive assistant come and tell me that² governor is ready to see me . Protocol is very important and you have to come  not with a tie but for men, with a shirt and be careful about your way to speak. I went into the office of the Governor and in front of his desk an armchair probably done for the visitor. Governor told in showing me the armchair: “Have a bout ” (this is the translation of the French expression). It was really difficult for me to do explode of laugh and I avoided crossing his stare during the first minutes of the meeting.

In India, it is a permanent peal of laughter as the people are always smiling, but I cannot share anything there. By cons one of the cult movies who makes me think about India is  “THE PARTY” with Peter Sellers, a monument of humoristic cinema.


One of my favourite joke that Rachel could have done :

Simon call his Yiddish mama and said to her “Mum, Thursday evening I will for dinner with 3 of my boy friends and 4 girl friends. One the lady will be my future wife but I will not tell you which one is she. And the mother “ I wait for you my son”. Thursday evening is coming and the dinner start, everything goes well and it is impossible which girl is the fiancée of the boys. During the meal mama goes to the kitchen and the son follows her. He ask to his mother “So did you find who will be my future wife?” She looks her son and ask “Isn’t the brunette with the blue shirt” Simon looks his mother and says “Mama you are clever, I got a lot of admiration for you. How did you do to find? “ The mother answers in continuing to wash the salad : “I don’t like her”


There is also the giggles I had with one the organizer of the of the Trade Show “Planete Durable” (Sustainable Planet) – Go to see the article written by Rebecca


Do not forget to laugh, it is good for health – Happy 1st of April


As you probably understood I dedicate this note to Rachel and Joseph

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  2. Excellente l’anecdote sur la présentation de la future belle fille, ah la chute de la maman ^^

  3. Abi says:

    ô Jean-Marc, “mettez-vous” ! loooool, alors toi !

    Sinon t’y la connais celle là ?

    C’est le vieux Moshe qui est allongé sur son lit de mort.
    Il sent que la fin approche, il est fatigué, incapable d’ouvrir les yeux, il sent que ses proches l’entourent aussi il décide de vérifier qui est présent.
    Péniblement, il ouvre la bouche et dit:” Sarah, tu es là ma fille ?”
    “oui papa, je suis là, ne t’inquiète pas.”
    Acquiesçant difficilement il interroge cette fois son fils :” Shlomo tu es là mon fils ?”
    “oui papa, je suis là aussi, nous sommes tous là, dors tranquille”
    Moshe, visage tendu, rétorque ” tout le monde est là, et ou est votre mère ?”
    “Mais enfin” répond sa femme, “t’y es fou ou quoi, bien sûr j’y suis là” “et puis il y a aussi ta soeur Judith, ton frère Abraham et les cousins…” là l’homme la stoppe en pleine tirade ” mais alors si vous êtes tous là, qui c qui tient la boutique ????”

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