Quat-Rues launch its 11th collection

Did you remember I made a recipe with our friends of Quat-Rues for the first note I made for Thursday of Ethical Fashion.
Today I will not make a recipe but simply announce the launch of their 11th collection.

As usual the silkscreen messages on the clothes are engaged ones. Coming from trade fair, Quat-Rues clothes are in organic cotton. The silkscreen images are made with water based ink (it is more sustainable and more ecologic : so we will not complain about it)

On top Quat-Rues is about 5 years, to be honest they do not look like : The web site had made facelift.












T shirts équitables et bio Quat´rues 2

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2 commentaires sur “Quat-Rues launch its 11th collection”

  1. Urus says:

    Je sors la tête des cartons un court instant pour te remercier pour ce très bel article, cher Jean-Marc !
    Bonne semaine !

  2. Jean-Marc says:

    Bonne semaine à toi Urus.
    Je te souhaite un beau succès sur cette nouvelle collection.

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