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Marron Rouge is committed to the climate with partners concerned about our planet and the humans who inhabit this planet.


At Anne- Sophie Novel initiative Place to B , is a site that will gather all journalists , photographers, designers, graphic artists … in the heart of Paris near the Gare Du Nord in direct transportation link to the COP21 conference at Le Bourget.  Come and join the residential community of Place to B, the collective of narrators, the Headquarters for climate.


Become a COpilot, we still have some spaces left to sleep, create, share ideas, meet each other, and be informed!

From November 28th to December 12th 2015, Place to B will be gathering narrators from all over the world in a unique residential location, in the friendly environment of Belushi’s, refurbished for the occasion, and the St Christopher Inn, the international youth hostel dedicated to Paris. Journalists, photographs, designers, youtubers, poets, artists… They will all have the same ambition: be the bearers of different forms of expression, and produce a new story about the climate issues.

Being a physical and digital platform, a hub, a community and a magnifier of new media all at once, Place to B will offer a unique experience at the heart of the media during the COP 21, and many important participants are already working with us!

To live the Place to B experience and be at the heart of the dynamics, you just need to sign up at this link: HERE


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Johanna Lee Sadik, (Brazil)


#Blogger #Social media outreach

From her native Brazil, this young lady has been travelling the world for several years. Passionate about the impact of the cultural and environmental heritage on the narrative speeches about climate, Johanna is excited to join the Place to B, « a place of co-creation and storytelling by excellence ».


More information :

Contact mail : MAIL PLACETOBECOP21 

Accommodation Contact : Sami Cheikh Moussa 

Press Contact : Margaux Roberge 





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