Parking Day



We have decided to participate with Rebecca Armstrong with the inititiative Parking Day. But what is it that Parking Day : global event open to all, PARK (ing) DAY happens in every town in France on September 16 and throughout the weekend.

The principle is simple you just need an appropriate parking space by creating temporary spaces unusual for a day and all weekend.

Make a friendly place and you will see that your cities can be green and it will let us imagine what our cities will be tomorrow’s PARK (ing) Day is every year the scale and this year mobilization and mass participation are expected in all cities in France.

We decided to participate in inititiative Rebecca Armstrong “Parking Day”.

– Saturday, September 17th, from 13h to 17h, at the Café de l’Epoque in Rouen

– the music, the guests around the issues of mobility

– the word to passers (Come to me, it will be top!) –

To HDR listen: 99.1FM if you live in the chipboard and around the world

Decoration ideas until tomorrow to find Rebecca … surprises await you …..


3 commentaires sur “Parking Day”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Oh que j’aime les surprises… Les auditeurs d’HDR seront gâtés je crois…
    Vivement samedi!!

  2. Gus says:

    BRAVO !!! Belle action. Nous faisons pareil à Genève.

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