Draw me the forest : the results

From 1 October 2011 and, until December 31, 2011 in Rhone Green had started a game “My Online drawing” for the International Year of the Forest.

This game was made ​​addressed to all children aged 3 to 12 who onnt kindly draw a picture whose theme is Forest.

The game is finished so here are down results

Grand Jeu mon Dessin en ligne

Faind the full result on  Rhône en Vert  website


Marron Rouge will send to five winners one stuffed toy in organic cotton va adresser à cinq lauréats un doudoiu en coton bio à chacun.

Here are the drawings of the five winners of Marron Rouge



Cassandre - 5 ans/years


Eva 6,5 ans/years


Maxime 4,5 ans/years


Chloe 6 ans/years

Clément 6 ans/years


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