Marie-Noëlle BAYARD – Our (funny) designer

Marie Noelle is our drole designer  meeting her is a true encounter with a designer of great talent and an amusing personality . Here she talks about herself.

My grandfather was a super gardener, in fact a great fan of Lion’s Head Dahlias. My grandmother was a seamstress who learned how to flute Batiste Collers, my father was a do it yourself enthusiast able to transform a tumbledown cottage into a summer palace, my mother was an expert knitter who could knit a whole wardrobe of clothes for her children with the tips of her needles: I was surrounded by talented people who could use their hands to create marvellous things with everyday materials, textiles, yarns and cloth.

An excellent education in textile design, specialising in hand embroidery, at the Ecole Duperre in Paris  allowed me to pass my diploma and with that in my pocket I started to work in diverse sections of fashion, household linen and designing ladies leisure wear for women’s magazines.

Yarns, threads and textiles offered me an infinitive medium to explore and play with materials, textures and colours. I was fortunate enough to work with magazines such as 100 IDEES, for whom I designed my first embroideries whilst I was a student at the Ecole Duperre. Elle Decoration, Prima, Avantages and Marie Claire Idees were other magazines who started to publish my designs.

Simultaneously there was a demand for creative leisure books and with the editors trust I am now the author of over 40 books for dressmaking, knitting and crochet. These books have been translated into different languages and I find it very amusing to try to understand my technical specifications in Russian, Chinese, Finnish or Swedish.

I also create and sample hand embroidered motifs and designs for high quality household linen for Valombreuse and I undertake technical research for crochet and hand knitting creating prototypes for the fashion parades of designers such as Kenzo, Vanessa Bruno, Michel Klein or for Haute Couture for the young dressmaker/designer Christophe Josse.

I like to meet women with a technical passion as great as my own during the annual trade show, of which I have been a sponsor from the beginning, ‘Aiguille en Fete’ (Festival of Needles) I manage learning workshops to demonstrate techniques or I organise textile  themed ‘know how’ exhibitions.

Since the start of my professional career I have consecrated some time as a volunteer to recognise the artistic work of talented people with strong personalities, this experience allows me to make extraordinary contacts which touches me deeply. This has caused me to integrate militancy in my work and I am not afraid of words which could scare others for the recognition of the author’s rights for the sectors of Plastic Arts, Photographers, Designers, Graphic Artists and Illustrators. I was the founder president of ‘Authors for Visual Arts and Fixed Images’ and I still work for them as a board member. I am passionate about this subject above all because new technology allows us to completely re-organise  the way we view and use images.

To conclude it is not because I have a love and ‘savoir faire’ for textiles that I am old fashioned. Not at all ! Don’t forget that these techniques accompany and continue to accompany the development of humanity, often in a modest way but sometimes with a shower of sumptuosity which rests monumental in the history of mankind.

Everyone who uses a yarn knows that rare emotional links with humankind can be created with a few points sewn onto a canvas.

Modèle Déposé - Copyright Marie-Noëlle Bayard

Modèle Déposé - Copyright Marie-Noëlle Bayard

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  4. Kirsti Zlatnik says:

    I am making the crochet bag from Caf’e tricot studio.
    It is called Sac Fleurs de Cerisier by Marie Noelle Bayard.
    I have an English translation but am having some problems completing it.
    Can you contact me perhaps with email I can use someone that has finished the darling purse.

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