Meublez-Vous durablement (Furnish you sustainably) a nice encounter with the creator Vincent Letourneux

January 2012, I’m on the booth of Marron Rouge at Maison & Objet and two people (of the opposite sex!) Present themselves to me, because they are touring the exhibitors of the Collectif du Développement Durable  (Sustainable Development Collective) on the same show.
They come to see our products, but I’m also curious to know what they do and they call their teaching: MEUBLEZ-VOUS DURABLEMENT (Furnish You sustainbly). Here is a name that sounds good to my ears!

Through this exchange I immediately wanted to know more in order to share this wonderful encounter.


Vincent Letourneux comes from an international family, and after a mastery of foreign languages ​​applied to trade (LEA English Spanish to The School of Tours): “I decided to travel to England, Spain, then in Japan in 1997 as a French teacher for beginners. From Japan I traveled to Vietnam with a simple backpack to meet people, then in Thailand. This was the first contact with vulnerable populations. I remember the joy of life, humility and courage to those in need of everything, but who still believe in the future. Beautiful life lesson that will let me go back to school later in the belief that things are still possible at any age.


The fact of traveling you forge an understanding of all cultures and beings that inhabit our planet: “Being part of the remaining quotas are called, I had the chance to do my military service on the helicopter carrier Jeanne d’Arc . Language teacher in charge of the center, I participated in the campaign around the world that began in November 1998.
I take from this experience the rich exchanges (a bit forced on a ship of 750 people!) The need for context and especially the openness necessary for the balance of each. Over the stopovers, Cuba, Honduras, Florida, Acapulco, San Francisco, Hawaii, Tokyo, Singapore, Djibouti, Istanbul, Lisbon and Brest, the difference in lifestyle, wealth gaps between countries, reducing distances, while begins to make sense. This is going to meet people that one gets a global culture.


It is also during this experience that Vincent will have confirmation of its commitment: “It’s when I realized that the values ​​which we believe are stronger than the orders that we receive. And that the satisfaction of staying true to its values ​​is greater than the penalty that can impose on us. ”

Necessarily after starting life as rich, naturally Vincent began his professional career in tourism and study abroad. Originally from the Loire Valley, after all these movements he decided to land and between “just happen” in the furniture industry. Vincent also takes up his studies and he wrote a memoir on sustainable development and the furniture industry.


In 2011, the project Meublez-vous Durablement (Furnish you sustainably) point the tip of his nose. And we explained Vincent’s three goals. “The primary objective is to demonstrate that it is possible to adopt a sustainable development policy, even for a small business or a SOHO (without committing substantial resources). It is now necessary to think differently. Economic profitability is required to sustain a business. However, do not forget the man and the planet. The second objective is to encourage consumers to become consum’actors by focusing on responsible purchasing and making their voices heard through an online survey. The third objective is to create a network to promote exchanges between players in the sustainable development of the sector Furniture and Decoration. For professionals, the designer, the raw material supplier, from manufacturer to distributor, all are related and need to exchange more easily. You will Durably Furnish a trading platform that specializes in decorating and furnishing. ”

Beautiful course and great ideas and Vincent none the less a man of taste he gives us his favorite heart that he saw on the last session of House and Objects in January 2012:


First Recycling: the concept of 3 lives to an object has really conquered in Nahan. Giving a second life cycle and then a third, is an idea full of meaning!

The second blow of heart: Create a Style, what audacity! Jean Claude et Muriel Labarrère, revisit the historical style and perpetuate a family tradition that began in 1870. What audacity that the aesthetic bias they have chosen to create the trend of natural history cabinet, almost gross! Far patinas, lacquers and other wear too polluting, natural wood furniture gives a force that ennobles. It is noticeable at first glance! Hats off!

The third and last  favorite is an artisan French meaningful and of value. Drugeot Lab is a French factory of Maine and Loire. The two brothers who run cabinetmakers offer furniture made ​​with assembly techniques without glue or screws. PEFC certified raw wood, they demonstrate that there is room for furniture and decoration and natural quality. We are rediscovering woodworking techniques and their benefits on health rights, removal of the product and the low impact on the planet.


I would really like to thank Vincent for this “eco-nfession” and this commitment. Check the website Furnish you permanently and you just won and moreover when you know the “guy” who is behind the canvas and well we can only applaud!


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