Mes petits cadeaux écolos 100% Home made by Sophie Macheteau

Early December, I received a package in the mailbox of Marron Rouge.

I am still a a true kid and I’m excited to have a package and do not know what’s in there.

Trrrr (drumroll) what in the package …. !!?

A book

A book with a beautiful cover

A book with two names that speak to me:Sophie Macheteauand Marie-Noëlle Bayard.

I put these two ladies in relationship and they make stuff behind my back without telling me ….  !?.



This book is ” MES PETITS CADEAUX ECOLOS 100% HOME MADE ” BySophie Macheteaupreface and Marie-Noëlle Bayard.

Very nice  meeting I had about 18 months ago, when I was looking for a press agency. We had agreed to Marron Rouge. And from these 18 months I get to know this woman full of heart, bio-Epicurean, funny and very creative. She creates itself (fine) jewellery in  recycled paper and arranges a press conference with her shock team delighting your taste. Energetic, positive and human  are three adjectives that I would attribute to Sophie!

Besides, we will let her speak :

 Sophie can you give us a brief overview of your career?

A very eclectic career that has shaped my character and shaped my vision: I made three 8!!

8 years in Film Event

8 years as head of training in a sign very cross about the naturalness

8 years as head of a green advertising agency

 From where do you get the taste for Recycling?

The Recycling is not an end but a unique and infinite artistic expression. What I like is from a harmless object like a magazine and see infinite possibilities of transformation and metamorphosis. Marvel again at 41 years of little things in my eyes is a luxury.


Yes I am both proud and gourmet gourmet be. My winning trio: fruit freshly picked red, my tiramisu pink / matcha and my delight insider (all chocolate).

 The environment funny, but why?

I would not say a pleasure but a necessity, awareness long that I owe to my parents.

 When you find the time to write this latest book?

Evening, night and weekend

 What made you laugh the most in preparing this book?

Nothing, I do not laugh (LOL)


MES PETITS CADEAUX ECOLOS 100% HOME MADE is a very nice book that reads several times and are in two parts.

The first part gives you advice and I liked Sheet Memo No. 1 Home Made gifts to avoid ….
Here you can find tips, advice and tricks to make yourself beauty products or welfare, candles, scents, sweets, jewelery, bags. You will find lots of good address to buy your ingredients. In short, nothing is missing in this lovely book.

The second part lists for you:

Small gifts beauty

Small gifts welfare

Small gifts and decorative fashion

Recette Déco Mode N°6 – BO A la Une en papier journal recyclé


Small gourmet gifts


Recette gourmande n°10 Mendiants Maya


 Now that Sophie told I need to present a second time  Marie-Noëlle Bayard ?

The talented designer who created us our first two collections of stuffed toys and who also writes quite well look here

 You could fin Sophie Macheteau’s book  at  Editions Jouvence 

Collection : Carrément Jouvence
ISBN : 978-2-88911-298-2
Format : 19, 5 x 19,5 cm
192 pages / Price : 14, 90 € / 22 CHF

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