Marron Rouge sensitize students to recycling and upcycling on 31 March and 1 April 2016

Recycling is one of the leitmotiv of Marron Rouge since the begining, you doubt it?

This is not an easy thing, even today, to understand that recycling is good for the environment and for once his wellbeing and his own ego. The preachers, not only in the field of recycling, are not generally appreciated and frankly one of the best approaches is to try to convince by showing what we can do and try to open everyone’s imagination these demonstrations.

31 March and 1 April 2016 respectively, I will be speaker  in a primary school next to Agen (France) and at a high school in Brive la Gaillarde (France).

The purpose of these interventions is to educate students to recycling by a demonstration of all the existing initiatives and everyday gestures and their meanings. Some examples :


lThe city of San Francisco, which gradually reached “zero waste”

La Villa Déchet that has been built from 25 tons of garbage of all kinds in the suburbs of Nantes (France)

La Villa Déchets situé dans l'écoquartier de la Bottière à Nantes

La villa Shamengo on the COP21 website built from recycled materials,


The valuation of restaurants waste to produce biogas

The design , and  upcycling of course there is Marron Rouge  but not only.


Blogs such as UPCYCLEDZINE or Recyclart you have all these great creators



SHOWROOM-MARRON-ROUGE-PALETTES-RECYCLEESMarron Rouge showroom made of recycled pallets

After this brief introduction workshops will be conducted to create objects from recycled materials. The objects will be created by way of example but the goal is to open creativity to demonstrate that all (or almost) can be recycled or creatively, in the true sense, either industrially.


L’intervention du 31 mars aura lieu à l’école primaire d’Estillac , à côté d’Agen auprès d’élèves de cette école. La connexion s’est faite lors de la rencontre d’une des enseignantes et à qui j’ai proposé de faire cette sensibilisation et elle a adhéré tout de suite. The 31 march 2à&- intervention will take place  to primary school Estillac, next to Agen (France) with pupils of this school. The connection is made at the meeting of teachers and to whom I proposed to this awareness and joined immediately.




L’intervention du 1er Avril aura lieu au lycée Cabanis à Brive La Gaillarde auprès d’éléves de cette école. La connexion s’est faite sur la Villa Shamengo , pendant la COP21 et une des enseignantes assistait à ma démonstration avec un pneu de voiture. The 1st Ap^ril 2à&- intervention will take place to school Cabanis to Brive La Gaillarde with students of this school. The connection was made on the Villa Shamengo during the COP21 and one of the teachers attending my demonstration with a car tire.



She asked me if I wanted to work with students of the school and of course I said yes immediately


Very happy to be a speacker for these new generations

The world of Tomorrow is on the way





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