Marron Rouge recycles its showroom with pallets


End of April 2013 , I received in my mailbox a resume to apply for internship. I read the CV :  keywords ,the letter and the CV hang my curiosity :




I decided to see this potential intern for  a one in two projects

Preparing for the next staging of Maison et Objet in recycled pallets

  • Repeat the land showroom Marron Rouge with the same scenery .



I met Alexis André, and we go to local bar to talk about target of the project.  I met a smiling, enthusiastic and excited young man at the idea of this project I explained him.

After the interview, I asked Alexis , before to accept him or not as an intern  , to address within 10 days , a draft  of the understanding of the project.


Alexis sends me a summary document of several pages, that  “proved” the understanding of  the total project and  he had also good sources of documentation.


Alexis has integrated Marron Rouge as an intern on July 15, 2013 and will leave Marron Rouge October 15, 2013.


The first 15 days we thought the project, it was amended, and it was finalized :

  • Storage spaces visible in the showroom to store the goods, prototypes, components used for trade shows, and the ” paperwork “


  • Large cubes on wheels with a dual reporting function and storage



  • Floors made of pallets to introduce decorative elements
  • Small cubes of different sizes used to store or presentation
  • Frames to showcase products
  • To order s recycled pallets through BIOPORT
  • Start of construction of the various structures
  • Changes in certain structures in progress

    The month of August 2013 has been intense since the first big deadline was Maison et Objet for September 4, 2013 .

A beautiful scenery was made and implemented on this latest edition of Maison et Objet .





And finally implementation of the showroom had been done.


A great team where each of us there used his own skills: design, modification, implementation, patience, satisfaction, frustrations, disagreements, symbiosis, laughter … a beautiful human project as I like




I would like to congratulate with this post Alexis André  for his work , his commitment , his talent, his sense of humour. I wish him a bright future which I’m sure will be brilliant .



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  1. Marc says:

    Bravo Jean Marc,

    Cela semble superbe !! Il faut que je passe te voir.

    @+ Marc de Karawan.

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