Marron Rouge new collection : inflated

I’m glad to have fallen in!

Yes, somebody would have said when I was a computer “yuppie” that I will  become  a designer for ethics fashion accessories , it would have left me skeptical.

Leave his comfortable life and build a crazy project since 2009 and to reach today with a new collection which is made by players in the social economy, which is environmentally friendly, yeah glad to be fell in. The new collections of Marron Rouge  are arrived and we will make you discover throughout this week. To start the whole range in Tyres, inner tubes and recycled seatbelt, exclusive collection of bags, shopping bags, backpacks, bags to yoga mat, small accessories, wallets, purses, coasters, as well as elements of interior design: ottomans, doors magazines, carries wood for the long winter evenings …. With this collection geeks will be able to recycle, you make jealous and envious because no one will have the same bag that you look rather

Credentials : – Photo : Aline Périer    –    Product Design : Jean-Marc (Marron Rouge)   –    Manufacturing : NGO which is fighting against poverty in Delhi    –    Drawing and Press  : My beautifull RP


Producxts available on Marron Rouge’s website

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