Marron Rouge launches “Les Residences” on his site





As of June 2017, Marron Rouge has set up on its site, Les Résidences for actors in Recycling, Upcycling. We will welcome for about 3 months an actor engaged in the territories of expression of Marron Rouge namely Design and Recycling.

We are not going to hide from you that this subject of Circular Economy is close to our heart, and we will not be spared to share with you those projects, initiatives or companies involved in this process. We will not have borders, geographical or material, even if it is a material we are already working on. Talent and beautiful personalities are not uncommon on our planet, so let’s share.

For this first we welcome the Rennais, Vausselia who designates with taste the sails of boat and you can order these creations directly on the site of Marron Rouge.





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