Marron Rouge, Facebook friends and the shoes

Once upon a time …

I restart because they are fairy tales that begin this way.


For those who know me a bit, I’m pretty present on social networks including Facebook.


I’ve built since the arrival of Marron Rouge on the networks a number of “friends” and contacts rather nice, and one (I would rather) with which we trade fairly regularly and in a humorous mode


Nathalie Locquen, we talked about her,  learned embroidery with “grandmothers” and took over the seam to the birth of her children.


A day of delirium, she sent me a “post” on my Facebook page saying that he would be great if  Jean-Marc Marron Rouge start to make recycled shoes. I found the challenge “bold”. I told her that it was not into my skills and that the competent person to design shoes is Stéphane Baudet-Bourmaud, a Facebook ‘s friend and former designer at Clergerie.



To make shoes was not a project for me at first, and then I calledStéphaneand told him why not? Does the project to make shoes completely recycled was a project he wanted to do. We first met inParis. I explained how to him hoes and materials and limiting ourselves initially to shoes “simple” style sandals, mules. I immediately saw an extension of the accessories collection Paix Joyeuse (joyful peace). Materials were approached on my side, the tire tread, the tube outside / top and canvas parachute bag (cotton) and is in direct contact with the skin.

Stéphanethen “floored” and came to Lyon at Village des Créateurs (Designer’s Village) in order to work  more precisely  before I leftIndiain January 2013.Stéphanethen left me the “models” he had prepared, and when I arrived inIndiato do the other prototypes of my new collection, I showed them the shoes … They were surprised but “excited” and they said IT WORKS! Recycled shoes  for Marron Rouge were born.


I love human adventures that lead to the real and concrete.


This collection will be available in May 2013 at a price of 49 € for the 4 models women and 59 € for the men’s model.


Cette collection sera disponible en mai, 2013 au prix de 49 € pour les  4 modèles femmes et de 59 € pour le modèle homme.


Press Release (In French)

First press articles (in French)



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