Marron Rouge “admitted” at Ecole Centrale in Lyon , France



Press release

Marron Rouge «admitted» at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Marron Rouge gives a new life to the communication media made of tarpaulin

At the request of Catherine Mainand-Giraud holder of Recycling Chair and Circular Economy  Eco-Emballages at Ecole Centrale Lyon and Roberto Vargiolu researcher at the Laboratoire LTDS of the Ecole Centrale de Lyon in tribology, friction wear  science, Marron Rouge Rouge has been selected to enhance the communication media in the project “Sophie and the secrets of the Table Claudienne” to transform them into bags and ottomans. The comic strips made by the students of the Ecole Centrale and the Ecole Emile Cohl under supervision of Roberto Vargiolu will be inserted in the bags. The ottomans are lined with cured heated cork balls and foam cushions. As a major player in Upcycling and Recycling on the Lyon region, Marron Rouge conceive intelligent waste management as an art of living. The Ecole Centrale de Lyon, also engaged through its Recycling in the Circular Economy chair, naturally entrusted this project to Marron Rouge for:

– its expertise: design on a wide variety of materials

– its proximity: the two entities are based on the Lyon region

– its social commitment: local manufacturing is entrusted to ESATs in the Saint-Etienne area











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