Mademoiselle Dimanche (Miss Sunday)

Mademoiselle Dimanche ? (Miss Sunday ?)

Mademoiselle, Dimanche ! (Miss, Sunday!)

Mademoiselle, Dimanche ? (Miss, Sunday?)

Mademoiselle ? Dimanche ?(Miss ? Sunday?)

There are different to write it and to say it but my favourite is the most simple Mademoiselle Dimanche. (Miss Sunday). I had already heard about Mathilde Alexandre, through our home designer, you know the very serious (strict) Marie-Noëlle Bayard. Then I went to this Design Christmas Market on december 19, 2010 on Sathonay square in Lyon and I met Mademoiselle, Mathilde Alexandre, do you know when? So I give the answer, : one Sunday (Dimanche  in French). If it is not chance…!!!? I saw in real the creations of Mathilde and I found everything I saw very chic and touching ( the conical cushions for example). Mathilde is really talented and on top of his talent she prints and manufactures all her products by hand and ink with solvent free. I just copied from his blog the following translation of text :

“Mademoise Dimanche (Mathilde Alexandre) is textile designer. She design and hand print graphics colourful drawings for a collection of fabrics for decoration, textiles items for kids and adults. You can discover them on her onligne shop.

She shares deco ideas and passions for design and textile, her inspirations , her work on her blog….and everything that makes life beautifull”

To contact Mademoiselle Dimanche (Miss Sunday) do not wait next Sunday :

To know much more about her here is a link which gives you a lot!

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