Bags in recycled yarn : a real social project

As part of the development of our business, we are looking for social projects to manufacture our designs in India. Through our research and our various networks we have been in contact with a new NGO: Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute

Femmes couturières et tricoteuse pour une première réunion - Tailors and knitting women for first meeting

The first meeting took place in November 2010 and we met and saw the leader of this NGO: Sunita Bhasin. The contact was immediately established and we agreed to meet again soon my next trip to India. Beginning in April 2011,had been held a meeting a little more formal for the establishment of a new collection of cotton bags and bags and fashion accessories wool made from recycled plastic bottles. That’s done and the collections are ready


The SSMI social models built in different areas:

• Provide autonomy to women with the operational unit of ” Women Empowerment Centre Varalakhmi

• Develop education and schooling of children with the operational unit “Sanjay, Deepak Centre for Education

• Helping the poor to have access to medical care with the business unit” Nirmala Gopalakrishna Centre for Health Care


Based on these three principles the centre provides training, consulting and tools to generate income. A particular program is to prepare about 40,000 meals a day for school children. Different groups of women are autonomous and self created initially by the women in the future. For the manufacture of fashion accessories we use this unit to which we give to other projects. Women are made in working groups where they receive training and consulting. In conjunction with a program coordinator, we check that the models are made according to specifications established.

Finitions pour la Collection de Marron Rouge - Finshing of Marron Rouge Collection

Varalakhmi Centre of Women Empowerment: The center is working on three basic principles:

  • The establishment of a relationship between training and empower
  • Help empower women socially disadvantaged
  • Focus on work at home to preserve the life of woman

Sanjay, Deepak Centre for Education: This centre provides education to approximately 1200 disadvantaged children from kindergarten to high school. Part of the funding comes from the Indian government.


Nirmala Gopalakrishna Centre for Health Care: The centre provided medical care to disadvantaged populations, including eye care and dental co-financed by the Swiss organization Vision for All

We are really happy to have found this organization which in addition to doing good actions is full of optimism and good humor.

Femmes qui préparent les repas pour les enfants scolarisés - Women who prepare meals for kids who are at school



Sunita Bhasin au premier plan - Sunita Bhasin at foreground


Conseils d'hygénie - Hygienic advices

L'hygiène au coeur des préocupations - Hygienic is essential


Femmes qui préparent les repas pour les enfants scolarisés - Women who prepare meals for kids who are at schol

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