The books for summer

Here it is summer and with our friends  Eco-informants from green team we will continue to offer relaxation. Last month we began the summer with music and this month we will talk about books.

We will start with hiking guides, such as the Les Nouveaux Guides Franck. These guides are presented in a small folder which are inserted into the removable sheets of hiking trails. Each sheet contains:

A presentation page and a detailed description of the course, the level of difficulty of the hike, the elevation, the average travel time, the state of the markup , course design on IGN base map, road access, departure and variants, one or more photos taken on hiking trails.

The icing on the cake is that each sheet is removable and can be inserted into the plastic bag provided with the folder so no need not take the entire folder. In this collection I have tested for you “LE VERCORS” and “L’AVANT PAYS DES DEUX SAVOIES”




Go to see the other « Nouveaux Guides Franck » (in French) on Glénat web site








Also at  Glénat in the series of Guides Libris guide is that I use quite often 120 BALADES ET RANDONNEES A PIED A VTT A VELO

With this guide you will find some nice places in Dombes, Bugey, Dauphine, Pilat, Les  Monts du Lyonnais and Beaujolais. Jean-Luc Rigaux, the author of this guide, selected some route for hiking, mountain bike and  cycling for all levels of difficulty,  to do alone or with family or friends.

I especially tested the bike and mountain bike routes des Monts du Lyonnais, which are pretty well marked and then the area is beautiful.

The end of the book gives you directions to get started in sports to the outdoors such as climbing, canoeing, kayaking, Craft, Via Ferrata, snowshoes … ..

Ideas for hiking weekend  are also suggested in regional nature parks,,, Chartreuse, The Bauges, The Pilat …


This book is quite comprehensive and I use it often for all or part for my bike ride or mountain bike or hiking.

By late afternoon before going to dinner or to the bed here are some books and authors that fascinate me and that I share with you:

Patrick Modiano , all his work a few books  : Une jeunesse, la place de l’étoile, rue des boutiques obscures, Dora Bruder…

Le dictionnaire de la Bêtise followed by the Book of Bizarre Guy Bechtel and Jean-Claude Carrière. Stories that you are hilarious storytelling as alarming but a real treat

Jean Echenoz : Le Méridien de Greenwich, Cherokee, L’Équipée malaise, Lac and also  an offbeat and hilarious biography of Ravel.

Two fetishes books that I often offer  which represent the human being as I like to read: L’ami retrouvé de Fred Uhlman et Vingt Quatre Heures de la vie d’une femme de Stefan Zweig (I talk about the book and not the movie that I did not like)

In detective genre the first books of  Robert Ludlum are not bad at  all

Enjoy the outdoors brief fill your head with beautiful views and wonderful summer to you

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  3. Abi says:

    L’ami retrouvé est un de mes livres cultes 🙂

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  5. Bien vu les livres sur les ballades c’est le moment 😀

  6. ça va randonner dans le coin ! Et de belles pauses “ressourcing” en vue grâce à ces guides, chouette !

  7. Cyrille says:

    Quelle est ta balade préférée dans les deux savoie Jean-Marc ?

  8. Jean Marc says:


    Il y a une ou deux ballades atour du Lac d’Annecy qui m’ont beaucoup plu. Je te donnerais les parcours un peu plus tard, lorsque j’aurais sorti les livres de mes cartons (je viens de déménager).

  9. Cyrille says:

    C’est vrai que c’est chouette vers le Lac d’Annecy. La tournette est une classique très fréquentée mais la vue est toujours magnifique. Bonne journée à toi.

  10. Esra says:

    L’avant Pays des 2 Savoie pour ma part… au risque de n’étonner personne ici 😉

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