Stuffed toys are here

Here they are the stuffed toyed are arrived. A new creation of our Designer Marie-Noëlle BAYARD.

Here are the words from Niddhi the creator of this unit :

“Established in 2004, the Fabrication unit is the brainchild of a young toy designer from NIFT. Fresh out of college and dreams abundant we set out to give the conventional stuff toy a new face.

With an area of 4500 sq ft, our workshop is located in a small premise in Rajarhaat, a newly developed area on the outskirts of the main city of Kolkata. Here at the company we are a close knit family of 35 workers.  Majority of these workers are women who have been trained in house. This is the first time they have stepped outside their homes to earn a living for their family and support their children. Since the male members of their families were unable to support their families this factory has been a blessing in disguise for them.

When they had initially come to join work, they were very clueless and inexperienced. After many laborious months of training and patience they are now very efficient professionals. They now have ample knowledge of their tasks and are aware of other aspects of the unit also. All processes like cutting, stitching, stuffing and finishing etc are in-house. They are now able to provide their children a better education and a better living. We also cover education fee for some of their children who need it most.

The best part is that they were a clean slate before walking through our doors and very eager to learn. Hence now nothing is impossible for them. They have now turned out to be a very formidable group of disciplined and professional women. Earlier they were just carrying out the hand finishing processes but now gradually they are becoming very good at operating all the concerned machinery too. They have come to get together as a very happy family always supporting each other in rough times.”

2 commentaires sur “Stuffed toys are here”

  1. Vial says:

    Très sympa cette collection de doudous bio. Un lavage en machine serait quand même plus adéquate à mon goût de maman. Quels sont les problèmes recontrés si on les lave en machine?
    En tous les cas félicitations pour cette démarche éthique et écologique.

  2. Jean-Marc says:

    Bonjour, merci pour vos félicitations. En ce qui concerne le lavage machine c’est surtout l’essorraage qui sera un problème.

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