The red, the black and the green


This year, I don’t have the heart…
At this time of the year, I typically send you my best wishes for the new year and present you with a few of our sales.  But this year, well, I just don’t have the heart.

This January 7, 2015 will be marked forever by the killing of 12 people at Charlie Hebdo, the famous French satirical newspaper.

This january 8th, 2015 will be market by the death of a lady policemam killed by a terrorist in Paris .

This January 9, 2015 will be forever marked by the death of 5 people in a kosher  supermarket  in Paris, and the two perpetrators of the attack against Charlie Hebdo





I bow to all the victims of this barbaric act. I cry for these human beings who have left us because they were free to express their thoughts through their words and art.
January 7 will be marked forever in my mind as September 11, 2001 (New York) and March 11, 2011 (Fukushima). The words that come to mind for me are violence, shame, savagery, sadness and yet thankfully, solidarity.





There was a spark of unity born spontaneously throughout France, and elsewhere I believe citizens of the world simultaneously had the beautiful marks of solidarity indelibly etched on their souls.
When I created Marron Rouge based on my own humanitarian and environmental concerns, I radically changed my life to devote time to worthy causes and put people at the heart of my projects.

But what just happened January 7, 2015 along with a few others sad examples in 2013/2014 are deflating:
• A reality TV star made the news because she shot her companion,
• A book motivated by pure evil, written by a bitter woman, sells by the thousands,
• Citizens protest to deny the happiness of others only because they do not love in the same way,
• A polemicist spews venom on the human race solely as a means to sell his books,
• …

This is not the world in which I want to live.  These are not the messages of love and brotherhood that my parents passed on to me (peace be to their souls). I did not grow up in a system of single-minded thought and for that I am thankful.
I refuse mediocrity, this wickedness, this nonsense and instead choose to have a more benevolent and respectful approach towards other human beings, even if we do not share the same views.

I will however end this message end on a more positive and optimistic note. I’ll wish great success to the climate conference to be held this year in Paris, France. The COP21 is a serious issue and we must do everything to ensure decisions are made for the good of our planet and all of us.




I’ll wish for the cessation of all civil wars: military, official and unofficial, that exist around the world. I ‘m not a preacher, not a politician, not a careless nor unconscious, but a mere dreamer citizen. Dreamers of the world encourage imagination, solidarity, and positive initiatives. We are the central actors in the play of our lives and stand ready to ensure that in 2015, our world again becomes serene and human.
I’ll wish you, joy, pleasure, and beautiful moments to share with those you love.

Here’s to a better 2015

Jean-Marc Attia




2 commentaires sur “The red, the black and the green”

  1. Magaly H says:

    Jean-Marc, merci pour tes mots, pour tes vœux et pour tes notes positives.
    C’est beau et bien les doux rêveurs, j’en fais partie … et tout comme toi je souhaite la paix et l’Amour dans le monde, et dans nos cœurs …

    Bravo pour tout ce que tu fais, pour tes projets et tes réussites. Je t’en souhaite encore encore et encore, et de la joie, beaucoup !

    A très bientôt, belle année à toi aussi !

  2. Marie-Noëlle Bayard says:

    Jean- Marc, Je Suis en total empathie et accord avec tes écrits. Restons DEBOUT et VIGILANTS au quotidien, l’humanité en a besoin.

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