Thursday of ethical Fashion : Universal Love

When Marron Rouge decided to do its first business trade show, we have been in contact with Universal Love. What a lovely name for an ethical fashion trade show organiser. With Thierry, we spoke to each other and said, we knock at the right door.

Isabelle Quéhé - © Luc Valigny

We asked to Isabelle Quéhé, president of Universal Love de tell us more: “In 1995, I create with my friends Universal Love association. At that time I got all around me friends who were stylists, designers, artists who tinkered in their place fantastic works but they did not have the chance to exhibit them, to meet their public and to sell the works. Back from travels I then decide to base the “free markets”, sites rented in Paris and changed during a week end by month, in exhibition, spaces in order to give the opportunity to 50 designers to show their works and to sell it in a party ambiance, kids entertainment, Djs…. These Free markets took place from 1996 to 200 in itinerant places in Paris and suburb : Old secularized factories, circus, parks, suburban café, cabarets…and also in regions  during 3 summers in Luberon (South of France) in Murs. Free Markets were not only representative of alternate move in Paris, but had also for vocation to introduce the full variety of different cultures from Paris. They were very successful during these years and had around 2000 visitors in average to each edition.

It is the encounter with 2 fashion designers  who works for “fashion for development” which decided me to focus on the fight of a better fashion which respect human being, environment and precious know how of cultural differences

All the trips and meetings that two designers made and specifically Oumou Sy from Senegal and Bibi Russel from Bangladesh in 2002, that the first idea of an ethical fashion  trade fair was born. These two designed shared with Isabelle Quéhé, the President of Universal Love, their vision from another fashion way could be possible. Fashion which could be the development vector from South countries, an elegant fashion, rich of local know-how that is so important to protect for future generations : Ethical Fashion Show was born! To do Paris as the capital of ethical fashion had grown into the new rationale for Universal Love.

Linda Pino - © Luc Valigny

The first people we met when we bring the prototypes of our products for catwalks was Linda Pino-Lebaudy : welcome was perfect and always available. She also gives today her witness “I work for Universal Love since two years and half. It is more than an employment, it is a real mindset! The association gets the right name because of the mission which is to bring different artist together who share the same vision of the fashion.” A better fashion, more fair. We put a lot of attention to know-how. Today, there are a lot of resources to preserve and to rehabilitate, that we want to put focus on.

All these small hands are unfortunately unknown or in most case not seen at the real value. Their design are made of  particular techniques which are full of treasures: embroidery, crochet, weaving … Since this year, we work in partnership with some designers in order to develop an ethic collection of accessories which will be very soon available on our web site. With all the profits generated, we wish to invite every year a designer to participate at Ethical Fashion Show in order to access to a new market.”

Universal Love and Ethical Fashion Show are not only spangles, catwalks and nice models. There is a past and a real project behind this name. Universal Love is not only made with Isabelle Quéhé and Linda Pino-Lebaudy. Sarah Perset is association’s secretary, Chris Osman is treasurer. Martine Loewinki, Sylvia Goubern, Gwénaëlle Dudek, Régine Tandavarayen are members and participate to Board of Directors. All the team we met is made with motivated, engaged, implicated people for a better fashion.

Isabele Quéhé-Linda Pino-Chris Osman-Sara Perset – © Pat Marcel

Universal Love please don’t stop to promote these know how and designers who respect human being.

Next Ethical Fashion will be held in Carrousel du Louvre, in Paris from September 1st, to September 4th 2011.

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  1. Abi says:

    Merci pour cette présentation très “love” d’Universal Love, je ne connaissais pas, belle découverte et excellent choix Jean-Marc !

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