Thursday of Ethical Fashion : Quat’Rues

This morning I decided to cook and prepare for you a recipe with special ingredients :

  • Three men : One Clovis, One Harold, One Quentin
  • Silkscreen
  • T-Shirts in Organic Cotton
  • Engaged messages
  • Fair Trade

The Clovis want to speak about the first ingredient: “To start, before the project of the Quat’Rues, we wanted to create a company which allow us to adequate our competences and ideas.

Harold was salesman for first class lingerie branded, Quentin an illustrator and had already some background with customer-supplier relationship. For myself I was evolving in the logistic area which is quite important in our corporation.  Illustration, Sales and logistic : here were our strengths”

The second ingredient : T-Shirts are coming from biological agriculture and are  GOTS : Global Organic Textile Standard label.  Dyeing of products is under the norm Oeko-Tex 100 and  silkscreen is done with water based inks.

The third and fourth ingredients : Today Quat’Rues offers on the web-site clothes for you Ladies, for you Sirs and for your dear little kids. These clothes are more casual and all convey a message through innovative graphic design, modern-style and its own.. The themes approached speak, not on an aggressive way, about sustainable way : consummation, environment, water, war, freedom, ….and one subject that I like so much : Women in the world.

The Clovis want to talk about the last ingredient : “Traditional Trade did not fit with the thoughts of the world where we live. Environment, but especially human being, are since a long time our main concerns.  So, to contribute to Trade Fair development in selling clothes with an engaged image was THE solution in compliance with our competences and ideas. It is a common desire for the designers : to offer to everybody the opportunity to wear trade fair clothes in everyday life.  And with clothes with sense!”

The first time I met The Clovis : it was on the Trade Market of Grenoble (France) and he was immediately smiling and welcoming and happy to see The Jean-Marc who send messages of Marron Rouge through the CLACE. Quat-Rue is also belonging to Eco-Informants group and is engaged on themes which are its concerns.

I like this recipe and I find this idea brilliant and human. Here is a nice example of successful Ethical Trade. Sirs of Quat’Rues please continue to create nice T-Shirts easy to wear and full of sense.

The recipe is finished and here is some dessert : One Adrien. The Adrien is part of Quat’Rues team and he is taking care of web site

T shirts équitables et bio Quat´rues 2


6 commentaires sur “Thursday of Ethical Fashion : Quat’Rues”

  1. Urus says:

    Un grand merci pour ce bel article!

  2. Jean-Marc says:

    Clovis, bien content que cet article te plaise et j’ai pris un plaisir fou à l’écrire et surtout continuez dans cette direction chez Quat’Rues!

  3. Paul says:

    Je découvre grâce à vous cher Jean-Marc ces bien beaux t shirts. Grand merci!
    Avez vous une idée de la provenance des produits ?

  4. Jean-Marc says:

    Cher Paul,

    Désolé de ma réponse tardive. Les t-Shirts sont fabriqués en Inde.

  5. Urus says:

    @Paul : C´est en fait de ma faute… J´ai fait 2 fois la même erreur sur ma boite mail alors que Jean-Marc s´était empressé de me demander des précision suite à votre question!
    Le coton vient bien d´Inde, et est transformé sur Tirupur

  6. […] place (un dimanche matin) et je me dis que mon voisin d’à côté est l’un des personnages que j’avais cuisiné pour les jeudis de la mode éthique en la personne d’Harold de chez Qua’t Rue… ! J’appelle et immédiatement on se retrouve sur Lyon afin qu’il me récupère et m’emmène […]

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