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First time I have been in contact  with Peau Ethique it was with Cathy (The Mother) who requested that I bring Ludivine (The Daughter) in car to Paris. As you can see Ethical can you make different things! As some of you know, we exhibited at Ethical Fashion Show in September 2010 and Peau Ethique too. So Cathy (The Mother) called me to do carpool, but unfortunately the car was full and impossible to bring Ludivine (The Daughter). Peau Ethique is located in Saint-Chamond (near Saint-Etienne) and Marron Rouge in Lyon  so we are “neighbours”.

Here it is how I  come to the  “undies” of Ethical Fashion…

-MR : Can you tell me about the beginning of Peau Ethique

-Ludivine (The Daughter) tells us “ Cathy my mum, created C.A. Bio which means Cathy or preferably Catherine Abruzzo Bio, in may 2004. She was buyer in big company for kids fashion and tired of processes which were not anymore under her ethics, she decided to create her own company”

-MR : Why Lingerie?

-Ludivine (The Daughter) :” We were looking for “undies” in cotton and she realized that there was nothing. The only articles available at that time were “ugly”, without any design and only raw. But also everybody was launching clothes. What you are wearing directly to the skin which is toxic, so the logical solution was organic cotton, the noblest fabric”

-MR : Who can wear with Peau Ethique?

-Ludivine (The Daughter) : All the family and Marron Rouge adds : so clearly, The Father, The Mother, The Son, The Daughter

-MR : Why this choice of Fair Trade

-Ludivine (The Daughter) : “An evidence. When we started and still toady we work with :

  • Turkey which manufactures our lingerie. We put in place social partnerships as the purchase of a mini bus to ensure the transportation to and from the workshop, the lunch is provided, and the salary is in perfect adequacy with the labour done.

Then we extended our partnerships with :

  • Peru with a small association of women who knit our stuffed toys : they live in the idleness, for them it a kind a reinsertion, they work at home to take care of the kids and meet all together to get good time.
  • Tunisia for lingerie Caresse de Soie (silk caress). My mum visited many workshops before to choose the one which seems to be the best offer between good work conditions and quality finished goods.
  • India”

What I like with Peau Ethique, it is the brand they choose is not usurped : Fair Trade, Organic Cotton, Sustainable Social Projects, Human Being Respect are not only in the centre of their preoccupation but are engaged in all these processes. On top, what they design is beautiful, I got the chance to see the models on catwalks and it is really great. Here is another Ethical Fashion actor for who we like to give importance

I will leave the last word for Ludivine  (The Daughter), who publish very innovative and good engaged notes on Peau Ethique’s Blog : “I was a student in psychology, and I am more than happy to finally do something which is useful for the others”

PS : For Cathy (The Mother) I will be pleased to meet you.

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  2. Bel article sur Peau Ethique 🙂 En plein boom du textile bio qui s’affiche dans les rayons, ça fait du bien de voir de vraies entreprises engagées, qui disent ce qu’elles font et qui font ce qu’elles disent. On ne parlera pas de H et M pour ne pas fâcher aujourd’hui ^^

  3. Bien d’accord avec Laurence, voilà une interview qui montre que les choses bougent !
    Quant à H&M on aura bien (assez) le loisir d’en reparler…

  4. Jean-Marc says:

    @Laurence, @The Greenwasher
    Je n’ai aucun souci quand à l’engagement de Ludivine et Cathy quant aux autres…bref je ne veux plus e parler aujourd’hui….Peutêtre plus tard…. Je ne suis pas devin (et pas envie de l’être)

  5. Abi says:

    Une démarche globale, engagée, rien à voir avec les mesurettes des grandes marques !
    Bravo les filles et merci Jean-Marc pour cette belle interview 🙂

  6. Jean-Marc says:

    Oui rien à voir avec les communiqués de presse des grandes marques! Merci Abi

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