Thursday of Ethical Fashion : Laspid

Today, I was  lazy and I decided to let Sébastien Delabre talk, one of the founders of Laspid. It is true that it witness is complete, but do not worry I will come back at the end

“Even if there is lot of people which gravitates around Laspid’s project, we are still two to handle it since the beginning Franck and myself. We are two childhood friends, coming from Puy en Velay (France.) I made studies of economy and Franck Computer and Automation.

Since years 2000, we played to design t-shirts for friends and the wish to make our permanent job, associated to the fed up of previous jobs, direct us to the project with the wish to do it full time. In parallel we were investigated in associations. Especially for me a passage as a volunteer in Artisans du Monde ( world’s craftsman) consolidated the idea that if this project was “seeing the light”, it will be the reflect of what was important for us and it “will see the light” in respect of Human being and environment.

Laspid’s project is born in 2005, and we design our first limited series of organic cotton T-shirts and coming from fair trade in 2006. To find models which were organic and fair was quite difficult but we wanted to associate these two points as it seems to us very complementary. It was done when we met the founders of Ideo which values and steps where corresponding to ours. Still today, we work with Ideo which die is based in India (from cultivation of cotton to manufacturing). Since the start, we work with surplus from raw materials not used by other brands who work with the same workshop as us, a true positive exchange which allow to the manufacture to optimize the production and to Laspid to offer small series (from 1 to 100 units) in a multitude of colours and designs. I believe that were the first on-line shop to offer only limited series of T-shirts organic and fair




For silkscreen, we work with craftsmen based near Lyon. We go to work with him to realize all our limited series. This craftsman is motivated to reduce the environmental impact of the printing technique and improve the quality of designs. We tested with him ink with water based and he is doing since 2007 our silk-screens with inks with no heavy metal, no phthalates, no formaldehyde. Another advantage for these inks, we need only water to clean the material and no more use of solvent.”

As usual I did not ask myself more than 5 minutes when I met these two young guys to bring the project: irreproachable ethic, T-shirts in the move, innovative design. On top of the web site, there is also a blog and especially a very good article on JR artist who realized of the most beautiful movies I saw this year “Women are Heroes“, and there is also the lovely boutique in the bottom of Croix-Rousse slopes (Lyon area).

Thanks to Sebastien, for always warm welcoming people in the boutique.

Thanks to Franck  for the superb intervention yesterday, during a meeting of Clace, we found the communication thread for the fifteen of fair trade.


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