Thursday of Ethical Fashion : Ethical Trade Place

When we look at the presentation of ETHICAL TRADE PLACE, the first sentence we can read is : « Fashion make dream, fashion make sell, but not anyhow…” another pretty definition of Ethical Fashion that I share.  What is Ethical Trade Place ? The first trade place for business people who have an ethic fibre.. It is a B to B site to link Fashion and accessories designers with shops, purchase groups, retailers in France and International . The designer who want to be there will have to justify his ethic approach and take engagement to respect the good behaviour chart :

–          Fashion should be manufactured in respect of human being

–          Manufacturing should minimize environment impact

–          Fashion should perpetuate the local know how

Behind this nice project two women : Régine Tandavarayen the founder, and Angelina Marques.

Régine Tandavarayen - Ethical Trade Place

We let Régine speak : “Invested since 10 years in the world of solidarity and ethical fashion, as co-organizer of Ethical Fashion Show, I was looking a way to give sense and materiality with these meeting of designers, craftsmen who were designing in the respect of human being and environment. In crossing my way with Isabelle Quéhé, attentive to this “Fashion for development”, we put our skills together to give some echo and radiation to this emerging market.

From this event , I wish to put in place a red  wire on the web, to make persist this echo to Fashion today and tomorrow.  To continue to promote under the same banner these ethic design and to give value to the  corporation of Textile, Ready to Wear, Decoration and also consumers,  I conceived the first virtual platform of Ethical Fashion, and Showrooms, on line shops,  services, content and information, to contribute with modesty for the growth of this market. Ethic Challenge, no?” I met Régine several times, and she is not only elegant (I like the pink jacket!), she is  a smiling woman, available, and close to people and accessible. I work with her with pleasure.

Angelina with who I played hide and seek when we first meet just give her impressions: “ To join Ethical Trade Place® was very simple. I knew Regine, I worked with her. Our ways crossed again two years ago. I believe that we were, each on our side, in looking for sense. I have passion for fashion and I am very attentive to the ethic movement and sustainable development, I wanted to be closer of Ethical Fashion and the designers: to help them in promoting and give value to their design.

The idea of Ethical Trade Place® is also to promote the designers to the purchasers and also consumers: we are a kind of relay….

For me Fashion is everything, except futile, especially when it is ethic…”

By dint to play hide and seek with Angelina we finally met and I got a real pleasure to work with her, available, smiling, do not playing games.

You could say that I just repeat myself but every time I speak about someone is to introduce you charming people. It is clear that today I did not want to share professionally and privately with people not available, embittered, or wicked. It could be interpreted as simplistic of gear as a remark, but it is not the case of Angelina and Régine : they work in ethical fashion and with a sense! Well done to them.

Designers which are on the site are A&K Classics, Andes Made, April, Como No, Costumisée par, Deux filles en fil, Gwe, Isabelle Teste, L’herbe Rouge, Martine Saint-Zéby.


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  1. Régine says:

    Merci pour tous ces gentils compliments Jean Marc, qui nous touchent tout particulièrement! Il semblerait que faire les choses avec son coeur ait du sens…

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