Thursday of Ethical Fashion: TEES4TREES

May 2010 Iam in Lyon’s streets running everywhere in order to open Marron Rouge’s web site in time. My mobile phone is ringing: Hello my name is Rémy Giemza and I would like to know if it is possible to visit your flat as I saw the ad in the Atelier Promethée’s showcases. I answered yes and we met 30 minutes later. A young man accompanied by another man who speaks English find me in Place Sathonay. “The English speaking men” is looking for a flat eiother in Paris or in Lyon. We then go to visit my flat and during the visit, they asked what I am doing in my business life and I just explain that I am currently building the ethic Marron Rouge’s project and they just told me what they implementing: TEES4TREES. But what is it? So they explain their concept: If I buy a T-Shirt, they plant a tree.

We start to then exchange together and I invited them to be a guest for Thursday of Ethical Fashion Show.

Meeting on March 12, 2011 in a restaurant la Bonâme de Bruno in Lyon at 20h30 for an interview and a dinner in a nice place with Rémy Giemza and Scott Thompson about this nice ethic brand.

Appetizer and Meal Order to the waitress and  I start to question Scott in order to know what he did before. Scott was a lawyer in New Jersey during 30 years and one day he said stop to everything because of the volume of work which was huge. He stops his job, sold his flat and decided to come to Paris without any preconceived idea. And then he fall in love but not only for the city… in the same time he  visits Rémy that he met earlier in U.S.

Rémy made also lawyer studies and worked like internship in the law firm of Emmanuel Pierrat. From childhood Rémy was sensitive to environment causes

Step by step Rémy and Scott realize that they got the same humanist value and the love of nature. They want to do something clever and responsible. These two men decide to create Tees4Trees, a nice brand which respect the environment..

Starter and main course are served (not in the same time I insure you!)

They built Tees4Trees around 3 golden rules :

  • All clothes they manufactures are organic certified , today the got the GOTS label
  • Plant of a tree in a site of your choice. You will geolocalize your tree through internet.


  • Fight against waist: When you order one clothe at Tees4Trees, you can have a 8 weeks delivery time. This time is necessary to manufacture the clothe and send it


To plant the tree they are in partnership with a number of associations who take care of reforestation around the globe. For this year, 2011, Year of Forest decided by UNO, this nice project got all his senses. We invite you to read the note made (in French) by Abi of Vertissimo about this year of Forest and the issues.

Today Tees4Trees is in partnership with big American cities in order to plant trees …in town (Yes we will breathe better). Tees4Trees is implemented on the two borders of Atlantic ocean

Desserts are on table and the atmosphere is really euphoric, I just tell them some jokes about my parents : Rachel et Joseph (we cannot invent these names)

I spent a pure delight moment with these two men. The food was excellent.

This project with so much ethic power really outstanding

A detail, I forgot to tell you that the T-Shirts are beautiful.

Another detail Scott did not buy my flat

Long Life to Tees4Trees

French Web Site

U.S. Web Site

Worlwide Site

3 commentaires sur “Thursday of Ethical Fashion: TEES4TREES”

  1. Abi says:

    Dis moi tu en fais des belles rencontres Jean-Marc 🙂

    Tees 4 Trees, je ne connaissais pas. Pourquoi mettent-ils 8 semaines à te livrer ? Où et par qui font-ils fabriquer les tee shirts ?

  2. Jean-Marc says:

    Abi : Oui c’est vraiment une belle rencontre. ça peut aller jusqu’à 8 semaines, car ils ne veulent pas surstocker inutilement et ainsi éviter le gaspillage. Mais rassure toi ils ont des articles en stock

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