Thursday of ethical fashion : Rebecca Armstrong – Ethical Fashionhead or tails?

As promised, I gave the headings for Thursday to Rebecca Armstrong. You remember Rebecca? She made an interview and published on her blog. I am not disappointed at all. Thanks a lot Rebecca.

On tail side, the sense of product first. I want a clother which does not smell death. The death of little hands of textile industry. The death of little pieces of planet, there, there also, here, a little bit far, so close, everywhere, collateral damages of these so pretty colors and fabrics, fights which infiltrate themselves in the planet entrails, pollution for brilliant colors, smell of money. The death of savoir-faire under the flag of worldwide uniformitarian. To face this realities. To choose

Heads or Tails? I have never been good to risky games , And ethical fashion, it is a rysky story. I wish to avoid the dark side. For the organic consumption I just want it popular. A fashion which speks to a large number of people. Not an ethic bargain. An ethic with federate sense which become a flag, a banner undet to redesign a social model. Utopia? May be, but we need some, no?

Wainting, my reality is often far from what I can imagine with comfort in my sweet sofa…Ethical fashion is complicated. Environment ethic, Social Ethic, Economical Ethic , the three Captain? And where is Ethical Fashion in Paris? On the web ? As I am only a girl from province, in front of my computer i navigate from page to page.. but doubt is there to buy something I cannot touch, without desire with real contact? So from time to time, one article, one item arrive in my letter box. But the expression , time to time, smells anecdote. I wishI got more.I do not want to lie. I just want. You too certainly> Tomorrow we will discover our shops in capital..but also in provinces, Then we could feel with our fingers ethical fashion. I could be wear of sense.

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