Thursday of ethical fashion : KULT&CO

First time I saw Anett Oehler and Nadège Rembeault, we (Marron Rouge) did not have yet our offices in Designer’s Village in Lyon (France). I was just getting out of a big flu and I met them at home (my office at that time) and I had slippers! To promote ethical fashion it is an entry in!!!

I just create with KULT&CO and wonder who they are…

KULT&CO is a collective which organizes events to promote ethical fashion. The team is made of young professionals from Design, Events, Ecology and Culture.

Their goal is to inform about alternative solutions for trade and industrial manufacturing which is the cause of number of human and ecologic issues. By their actions, they help much of people to know better the work of designers and producers which have ethic values : organic textiles, vegetal dyeing , recycling, trade fair, sustainable and social economy…

The main targets of KULT&CO are :

–          to support ethic design innovative and accessible

–          to create links between all the actors : designers, producers, distributors and consumers

–          to inform and train for ecological practices production : natural dyeing, water based silkscreen

–          to sensitize public about existing products from fair trade : there are some alternatives which are affordable, well designed, and aesthetics (As a shortcut I will add that there is not only poncho and macramé in fair trade)

We asked Anett, one of KULT&CO founder to tell more about her motivations “ One of the questions, I asked myself at the of the end of my studies for fashion design in Berlin was to know if I want to work in the textile fashion industry. Information I got and documentary movies I saw encourages me to do not work for a big brand of textile clothing. I look for alternatives, and I found my values in ethical fashion, small brands engaged in contemporary style.

When I arrived in Lyon in autumn 2008, I did not find much ethical brands in this city. With the encounter with Nadège in 2009, I found a dynamic and creative partner. Together we could realize and stage our values in organizing cultural events around ethical fashion: anew initiative to “wake-up” public for this thematic”  It iqs charming to listen Anett speak with a small German accent and on top, always smiling.

Nadège the co-founder add : “My job, is to coordinate cultural projects. My link to ethical Fashion? I have always been careful to manufacturing conditions which are hidden behind any clothe or object. I wanted to go over, to take engagement. Today with KULT&CO I do promote of ethical fashion which passionate me. It allows me to address various social issues.

Originally artist, I use my creativity to mix genders in order to make accessible and festive the KULT&CO events: carnival, theatre, music…” Last time I saw Nadège it was in café with evocative name “Café Cousu (sewn)” She was all simile and she was talking to me about the next festival that KULT&CO is organizing : From May 2 to May 22, in Lyon : ETHICAL FASHION AND AFRICAN DESIGN. We will probably participate to this event around a debate or round table for Sustainable and Social economy.

KULT&CO: here is a good initiative we can give support and which is handled with power and motivation by these two young ladies.


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