May 15, 2018 Move with Marron Rouge : New Step



Hello everyone,

Message from Jean-Marc Attia Founder of Marron Rouge:

A new stage in the life of Marron Rouge and mine too. Marron Rouge was born in 2010 because of the desire to be involved in environmental and human values: to make design the spearhead of the creation of bags, fashion accessories and decorative objects in recycled materials. To do this I also added a dose of involvement with social projects, NGOs, ESAT that helped me to make these beautiful objects.

Today I decided to close all the department bags and accessories because it requires too much energy for a single man to manage this company that I created in July 2010. Profitability is not at the rendezvous no more so before being forced to stop this activity I liquid all the stock of bags and accessories. The goal is STOCK ZERO by June 30, 2018.
All bags and accessories sold on the site are  at a bargain price : in counterpat there will be no return, no exchange or refund possible.

Marron Rouge does not stop there, and the business continues in a different way:
– The decoration department remains open and will evolve in the coming months
– The bags and accessories will be marketed for a clientele of companies that want to make custom objects made of recycled materials. Do not hesitate to ask us for any estimate or project in progress
– We continue our collaboration with the Vausselia Company for all accessories in sail boat s
– If you want to use our platform to sell your recycled products do not hesitate to contact us to set up a collaboration.
– Personally I invest myself much more intensely from the middle of the second semester with the company Acanthe in Lyon. I would be an indoor landscaper for companies, but also a consultant in communication, and organization, and finally combine the plant and the recycling while maintaining the design.

What’s reassuring is bouncing again, and I’m happy about that. . I see this with a positive and optimistic eye.

In the meantime treat yourself and give yourself the bag or accessory that makes you want at a ridiculous price.

For those who do not know Marron Rouge, you can read the Marron Rouge Press Kit (in French): all important steps will be noted.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any question

With all my kindness

Jean-Marc Attia



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