Parrainages Inde association wishes you best grettings for 2013

As some you knows, I am closely linked to the association Parrainages Inde.  We reproduce here the greetings we sent to our donors in this begining of year

Association Parrainages Inde - Aidez un maman à scolariser ses enfants.




Dear Sponsors, Dear donors,

For this begining of the year, the entire team Parrainages Inde  wishes to present you the best for 2013 , and express gratitude for your support  to the lonely womans and their kids.

Here we started the year with a large meeting of sponsored women and their children. It was an opportunity to remind families the rules that govern our association, but the event was also happy with dances and songs.

Due to the dilapidated premises we occupy Pondicherry (Kamaraj Nagar), we will move to the end of February a new office, easily accessible to families and cleaner. We were in this office Kamaraj Nagar 8 years …

In 2012, thanks to your donations, we were able to continue our actions: establishment of regular English classes, distribution of mosquito nets to families with medical information, purchase of basic equipment for every house (fans, metal cabinets …). All houses destroyed or damaged by the cyclone  Thane have been repaired.

We continue to welcome single women and their children to the office and be attentive to their needs including education and health.

In early February, we will organize a meeting for adolescents with an indial social worker  to inform India about sex and the risks of early pregnancy. We wanted to implement this information due to the distress of sponsored girls, who were married, who had a first child and who regretted their choice today not to have pursued their studies.

The incoming projects for the beginning of the year 2013 are:

  • Information given by a lawyer on legal rights of women against violence.Indian society is moving and in this regard, here is   an article in the newspaper “Hindu” following the death of a young woman raped in Delhi.
  • Training for to how to do  manufacturing jewelry for fifteen women who could sell their production in their neighborhoods and improve their income.
  • Resumption of English courses during school holidays ….

Team Parrainages Inde


Ernestine, Leela, Evelyne, Françoise Isabelle and Jean-Marc


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