Colonel’s Retreat

Petit déjeuner avec Clients, Arun en turquoise et moi de dos)- Breakfast wit UK customers, Arun in turquoise and myself

As you know in order to find the social projects and/or know how for all the products from the Boutique Marron Rouge  go several times a year in India including Delhi. Now I have an address in Delhi to share with you: Colonel’s Retreat. But what is it that  Colonel’s Retreat?


This is a guest house in which I got because, or rather thanks to the indiscretion of a hotel that was overbooked and had moved to this guest house. At first surprised and a little angry because it did not correspond to remaining on the reservation made at the outset



Arun, the owner, was quick to put us at ease and make our stay as pleasant as possible and I assure you he is very successful in this role. The hotel’s location is ideal in an area south of the city accessible by subway (yes the subway in Delhi is also moving!). The Defence Colony neighbourhood is very quiet, away from noise and horns of the city. The pension is a foolproof clean and elegant but not ostentatious almost luxurious.


Breakfast (with a delicious banana cake with ) are taken with other guests and every time it is a moment of exchange with people from all backgrounds and a discreet staff  but always ready to make your stay as pleasant as possible .


Arun has been of great help on several occasions either a personal view and / or professional. You really feel at home here and nothing is left to chance, you can ask here almost everything, or almost (though my name has three initials!). I attended a lot of hotels in my life and it is in my top three because I go really happy every time.


Do not hesitate to recommend on my behalf (Jean-Marc) if you want to book a room here.

D 418 Defence Colony
New Delhi 110024


Mobile: +91 9811 740 900




Rather than a long speech here are some pictures and details to go in this beautiful place where prices are soft.

Entrée Extérieure - Outside Entry

Un lobby intérieur - An inside lobby

Sale de bains - Bathroom


Bureau, Ordinateur, Wifi - Office Computer Wifi

Bureau dans chambre - Office in a room



2 commentaires sur “Colonel’s Retreat”

  1. Urus says:

    Ah oui ! Le luxe !
    Ça ne ressemble pas trop aux hôtels où je m’arrête en Inde… 😉
    Qu’appelles-tu un “prix doux” ?

  2. Jean-Marc says:

    Je te rassure, ce n’est pas le genre d’hôtel ou je vais passer mes vacances.
    Le prix affiché est de 4500 Roupies la nuit , petit déjeuner Inclus. Ce qui revient environ à 65/70 Euros par nuit. J’ai tenté de faire moins à Delhi et…je ne referais plus! J’ai même eu une fois un hôtel plus cher et c’était super sale et le moindre truc en plus était en extra. Donc Rapport qualité prix, pour le type de confort, ça reste difficile d’égaler.

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