The recup is an art

We are in June 2011, I am in my workshop and we knocked on the door. Two women are in front : one is questioning the other take pictures. They want to know everything … .. on recycling.

We will start by introducing two women :


The lady who questions Chaplain Marie Hélène is a historian and journalist .Prima, La Tribune, Les Echos and inserts some regional Marie-Claire and Madame Figaro have called her to make documentaries around the world and throughout France. Flea markets is an occupancy on lot of week-end for her.


The photographer Aline Périer made some trips around the world to meet human in their environment. The richness of the conversations and the decline of humans that makes us share can only enchant me.


Despite the interview and photos, I Met (with a capital M) two exciting woman to share a passionate moment rich where I let go my mind without a struggle.


Aline Marie Helene and just released a beautiful 192-page book, titled



© Aline Périer- Marie-Hélène Chaplain- Editions Tournez la page


This book is made of 4 parts


1 – The Art of Retrieve: Marie Helene and Aline went gleaning and meet the “Artisans of the recovery” and see what was in “Retrieve exotic.”



They make us visit the Villa Déchet (Waste Villa): The project set up in autumn 2010 by Frederic Tabary (architect) and Yann puddle (set designer) who were inspired by a similar house in California. The bins of Nantes (France) is where they found the raw material and then recycling these materials.

20 days to collect 50 tons of “waste consisting of planks, apple crates, pallets, zinc, scrap metal, glass …

18 days to build the house …

And one month to visit before disassembly.

“This villa is a symbol of the prevention of waste rather than recycling. If we have refused to buy packaged products, the garbage would fill more slowly: the less you waste, the less we need to recycle, “said Frederic Tabary


2 – Retrieve in Material : They have a very well illustrated inventory of the recovery of materials: Stone, Wood, Metal, glass, paper, cardboard, fabric, plastic.


Beware the wood does not burn in the Jane and Simon Besque Nicola: the rest is nothing but a book skateboarding, without mounting shelves are simply screwed to the wall with screws as big as an arm!

© Aline Périer


3 – From the Plein Art Bin: There are presented the artists who will make the garbage I would call “tramps Recycling” and then everything goes, all materials, all ideas even crazier: the pipe cleaners, umbrellas, coffee spoons, tubes of all kinds: there are success stories


4 – Retrieve of hands: It is up to you, examples are given to you to make objects Retr. It is a good introduction to start and then let your imagination to create your own Recycling.



A book that is readable and look happy, you think I am passionate about the topic. While the book refers to Marron Rouge in the first part, I heartily recommend, and in addition there is much talk of human adventures, so do not deprive yourself.


The end of the book is packed with fun places ….


Références of the book who can found on-line :

ISBN: 9782364830042 – 192 pages – 19,7 x 25 cm- brochée – 22.00 € – EDITIONS TOURNEZ LA PAGE


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