Just a bike ride




Once upon a time, and Amandine Jix who loved cycling, sport, people, stories … …. And they just get together with a funny name: Just a Bike Tour


And hop …. They went to “drop everything” to focus on their great project  (in French) . They started a cycling  tour in a  part of Asia starting point of Thailand and then Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and ending with China. During the course of those countries they will go and meet local people, including many little-profile associations whose purpose is the education of children. They will provide a “balance sheet” of development perspectives for analyzing these children who attend the school.


What I like in this project is that it is well prepared, structured and you have to do with real passion but not unconscious. But rather than words, Amandine presents herself the project (in French):


You can visit Facebook’s page and Like it



You want to sponsor them : it is here


And you will see the web site is well designed and well organized with precise documentation


To conclude, in order to do not hide anything…. For sure I am jealous to do not be with them!



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